Your company need the power of blogging

Power of Blogging

There are many reasons that your company should have own blogging so that any kind of updates of your product, services or any kind of technical help, you can post that articles to your company blog. Your each and every employee should go through it. It creates the relationship between your company and your employees. Your employees are connected and have updated information about the company’s product and services.

How do make a blog – Where to Blog

how do make a blog

How do make a blog

For example

There are a number of companies who own their blog like etc

There are many reasons to start your own blog

1. You can update your blog daily with your product and services

2. Any Technical Questions, you can post

3. Visitors from all over the world can be able to know about your company’s stuffs

4. A blog can give your company website more traffic

5. Blogs contains the content and it increases your page rank of your company website, it is good for SEO

6. A Blog is good for social bookmarking

7. You can give links to your company, which will work like a back links or Google vote, it is needed for having good page rank, so from linking , you keep getting votes and back links.

8. Anyone can post in the blog, but your company website hits good traffic when anything will be posted in the blog

9. By the blog, you can help your clients and customers; it increases the faith between the company and clients

There are many tool you can setup your own blog which will be helpful for blogging for beginners and it is fully free service like rediff blogs, blogger, wordpress blogs etc, but company wants to setup their own blogging, you can setup your own, here is a tips:

Weather your website is in dotnet, java, or any other just create a subdomain in your hosting account named blog,

Just open your hosting account > go to subdomains > create subdomain

Now you have to install a wordpress blog on this subdomain, you will find it in your hosting.

If you will not able to setup your own blog, please contact your website developer, they can setup your own blog in wordpress by your hosting account.

Blogging Easy Way Money Making Part time

You know friends, you can make money from your blog also, you need to read this important information:

I want to share with you some interesting thing, There are three kind of person, one who always keep telling you whom no one like, the second who always keep silent whom also no one like and the third person who speaks well and write their thoughts in their personal blog who are scholars.

I want to give example of Good Bloggers like Amitabh Bachchan and Amit Agarwal from India who want to share their experience and help the people from their information.

Friends, you would be thinking that I have no time to write blog, just start finding time to write your own words and share this information to the world and among your friends.

Why Blogging and Where to Start Blog

1. Your information may be Helpful for others
2. Good mean to write about your experience and all that
3. Writing Habit
4. Good Source of Part time earning

What to write into the blog

1. Just share your experience in your specialization
2. Write about your practical experience in the same
3. Share helpful pictures and videos to the world
4. Personal Blogging

Where to write their blog

1. Own their Website
2. Blogger
3. WordPress etc

There are many sources where you can write your experience with your own blog.

From your blog, you can earn part time earning, I would tell you, how you can earn part time money with your blog.

Just start blogging
Keep writing till let it be old(6 months or 1 year)

How to make money blogging

Now it is the time of monetizing your blog with some ads, if you keep writing, you will be getting advertisement online. You can participate with some of the Good Advertisement Organization like Google Adsense, Chitika, Infolinks etc

Now, lets share the top bloggers of India

Top 10 Bloggers in India with High Earnings

I wanna share and motivate the bloggers and writers in the Internet Marketing world. Writers should get royalty on their writing activity. They keep writing but frustrate sometime. They help the Internet World to write content and guide the Internet Surfer. They do not want money instead of their writing. But as I told you that they should get royalty, so there are many affiliate program and advertisements from that a blogger can earn revenue and it motivates them to write more and more.

I am also a professional blogger and Internet Marketer and was searching the tops bloggers in India, I found some of the names who used to earn enormous revenue from their blogs. I want to share some of them from top to bottom:

1. Amit Agarwal[]
2. Faisal Farooqui[]
3. Harsh Agarwal[]
4. Arun Prabhudesai[]
5. Jaspal Singh[]
6. Sandip Dedhia[]
7. Nirmal Balachandran[]
8. Amit Bhawani[]
9. Rahul Banshal[]
10. Rohit Langde[]
11. Srinivas Tamada []

As far as I am concern, I write for my  blog []

Note: Income may be vary

I hope, you will motivate to read this blog.

Interesting? Now Start writing in part time and start part time earning.

* Power of Blogging and answer this question how do I blog?


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