How the World Largest Search Engine Google Work?

How the World Largest Search Engine Google Work?

I am in SEO for more than 5 years and still the wrangler of Search engine Google is mysterious, no one can understand it correctly. People can do work as per its Guidelines.

Search Engine Google Work

Welcome to Google

Google is the world largest search engines, getting queries more than other search engines. If you see the latest report of Google Daily Data about its queries, you will be wondered.

It is very obvious that Google is the leader among search engines. For your information, Google first appeared in 1997 and it was very simple search box. Have a look this oldest picture of Google:

Pic 1: Google Initial Search Page

But now you see the latest Google, there are big differences you will find. Day by Day Google is making their algorithm more relevant. This is the reason of Google’s Success. Have a look this Latest Google page.

Google Search Box 2014

Google Search Box 2014

Whenever you do not know anything, people say ‘Just Google it’. You can see how Google is popular! You can understand its business simply. Google has two kinds of search listing, one is natural listing and other one is sponsored listing.

People are using this both services of Google, if you want to get instant traffic in your website, you can choose sponsored listings. You will be on top very quickly. If you have some more time, you can choose its natural listings. It takes a lot of time and effort. You need to work on that following its webmaster guidelines. Google’s first page rank can give you immense traffic in your website which will boost your sales and generate revenue.

In Natural listings, you do have to make your website more relevant than your competitor’s website. If Google finds your website relevant on said search term, you will be on top of Google. Now the question is how to make your website more relevant?

How Search Engine Google Work?

Google uses an algorithm to check websites to determine their relevance. Google’s complex algorithm means that it can detect any such activity which has tried to fool it and it can penalize you.

Google’s algorithm has hidden criteria to check each website relevancy, they check the relevancy of the website and determine their quality score to rank on search engine, and they determine the ideal of any website before ranking. These all includes the content, Meta tags, inbound and inward links of any websites. Website should have inward link too pointing to your website to rank well.

You must be wondering that, how does Google check this?

Google uses their spiders to check this. Google’s spiders crawls the internet, moving from one website to another via their hyperlinks and collect data. Google takes this information and determine the website’s relevancy for search engine ranking.

Please note that, Google does not enter into any website to check this. Relevancy checking is the main objective of Google. For this relevancy checking, Google keeps improving their algorithm. Check out this Google Algorithm changes History.

Hope these are helpful to understand Google, I will write more about this in my next post. Please share your view in the comment section.

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