Why Organic SEO more needed than Pay per Click?


Organic SEO more needed than Pay per Click

I am again available to write some important notes about organic SEO and using any PPC program. If you want to come on Search engine ranking which would be organic and natural listing which Google also likes it than you have to optimize your website correctly for organic SEO in which you do not have to pay anything to anyone. Your website automatically list on the search engine whenever anyone writes relevant keywords which are related to your website.

Now a day people do not have much patience and time, they do not give much time and finally they do jump into a PPC advertising program without doing an organic SEO for their website. Most of the business requires quick start to promote their website very frequently.

We have two questions in our mind?

Should we optimize our website for natural listing in Google?


Should we pay for advertising program which should be listing in sponsored listing?


Organic SEO more needed than Pay per Click

Organic SEO more needed than Pay per Click

It is very easy to get targeted traffic by PPC advertising but I think it should be the right decision to promote your business quickly,

Nobody wants to click on sponsored or paid listing when they are searching anything. They prefer to click on organic listing more. Do you?

In the recent trends, most of the searchers look for organic listing in Google, they prefer more to click on natural listing. 72% of the people more likely to prefer clicking on a search list and I will tell you that this listing cannot be bought, it can be earned only. Google has only right for this listing. So, I would suggest, do not waste your time, just optimize your website for organic SEO.

So if you are planning for PPC advertising, I would recommend that at least optimize your website for long term success, complete some formalities first before running pay per click like following:

1. Unique content: Put unique content in your website in each page with unique title.

2. Indexing your website in each search engine

3. Complete the on-page SEO of the website (Title, description, keywords, H1, Alt etc)

4. Resolve canonical issues of your website

These are some things you have to take care about it from starting days, and then you should run pay per click program for your website. So that your website should list in the organic results also correctly.

“Organic Listing websites are more regarded than sponsored listings” – remember that.

So, it’s a good and cost effective idea to absorb organic SEO. Google do not charge for natural listing.

Helpful link: Google SEO Starter Guide PDF

Wait for my next blog post to know more about On-page SEO.

* Organic SEO more needed than Pay per Click


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