What’s the easiest way to make part time money online?

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What’s the easiest way to make part time money online?

Making Part time Money is not a easy job, you have to be more educated to earn money. To earn money, what you do, you just complete your study and do your own business or take job in any company then you start earning money, then say? how it is easy to earn part time money online.

But, if you are having some time and really want to earn some part time money for you and your family, then it is possible, that you can earn money online. There are various ways to earn money from internet.

The only thing, you should have internet connection and your computer at your home. People generally come from the office and not able to do other things except sleeping. If you do more labour at home, you can earn some extra part time money.

easiest way to make part time money online
easiest way to make part time money online

What to do to make part time money online

Like Google, yahoo are the such companies who runs PPC(pay per click) program, you just start your own blog and website and put their ads in your blog and website, when some body click on that ads, you will earn money from each clicking. This is the truth. For that you should have good blog content and well established website to earn.


You just start writing blogs first in blogger or any other blog site like wordpress, or you can purchase your own domain and hosting for your own website.

Put many contents in your website, it should be unique and useful.

Apply for Google ad or yahoo ads

When approved, put the ads code in your website

That’s ALL, now keep writing and promoting them and keep earning.

Earn Money From Youtube Videos

Make money typing jobs

Any way I can make money online when I can type about 50 words per minute

Guys, if you know, how to type, then you can earn money from your typing speed. There are many data entry jobs available in the market. They provide many offers like book typing jobs, form filling jobs etc in freelancing.

You have to find out the company which would not be spam. There are many spam company also available in the market who just deceive you and ask money from you against joining.

One of the case study I have experienced with some of my friends, a group of friends went to delhi for study, on the starting phase, they were searching some part time job for their pocket money. They read a advertisement in the paper of typing jobs in Delhi.

They visited the company office and have been asked for money Rs 1500 each by the company. They all are stuck and convinced from that company and paid money, after paid of money, they have got some assignment work in CD to type from JPEG format to Word format.

All people worked hard for one week and submitted work after one week. They denied their work and said, you will not be able to do that. Go, they started asking money refund, but company denied for that also. See, the company was fake, they do collect money from the party and cheated them.

This kind of things happens in the market, so you just take care of that company which is fake. Do not believe blindly.

By the way if you have good typing speed, there are many good companies which gives freelancing work to you upon signing the agreement. You can work as a freelancer in oDesk, Elance, Freelancer, fiverr websites, airtasker.com or any other job portals to earn money from that.

Some of the company who require typing speed only to hire them. In typing, there are many good opportunities, you should not be disappointed for and keep searching. You can see classified online or in the newspaper classified.

Typing jobs can be your full time jobs sometime, When you are studying in your college, it is the only options to earn some part time money from internet after typing some of the books or any other typing work.

Typing Jobs Options

1. Book Typing work
2. Form Filling Work
3. Typing from picture file to word file
4. From word to PDF
5. Blogging and Selling Ad slot
6. Typing work in content writing jobs

If you have good writing skills with typing speed, There are some where like Squidoo writing jobs, you can write your own content and can work in the company or start your own blog to earn from it.

Making Money with PTC Websites, Advertisements

When I came to know about these PTC websites, I just confused and wondered that how would I make money with these websites. In later research, I came to know these websites are real and used to pay.

I had been late to know about these website, ClixSense has started its service since 2007 and have been paid a lot to its members and users.

I will tell you, what is all about. Clixsense is PTC(Paid-to-Click) website which is the mean between advertisers and publishers, they provide very low cost advertising tool to its advertisers and opened a very good tool for publishers too. The only difference between Google Adword and ClixSense is that it shows ads in its website itself. It gives money to its members to show and click on that various kinds of ads and surveys.

If members click on that ads, they will be paid by ClixSense and also provide referral earning. The same story with Neobux. These PTC websites are getting popular day by day, you know why? Because they pay to its members.

This was my review on ClixSense, you can do more research on the internet about these sites and earn some part time money from Internet by Clicking only.

How to earn extra part time money from tutoring and teaching others

Guys if you are working in your technology and doing research in particular technology, if you can help others by tutoring and teaching online, so that the person who is searching the teachers on that particular technology can be benefited from you.

You have studied a lot and completed your higher qualification. You can help others in the world. The SmartThinking and Tutor are the great platform to help others and guide them online in your technology.

I know, every people want to earn some part time money too apart from their jobs and business. If you are the one, just login to such websites and start your tutoring and teach the needy people.

Language Teaching

If you are a good speaker and can speak the foreign language fluently, you can teach the others who are searching to learn professional languages from professional speakers. You can also login in these websites.

Earn from Freelance which is the easiest way to make money online

If you are also willing to give such services, like take an example… Let’s say if you are a good language speaker and writer too, you can start selling your writing skills and can help the others who are looking for writing such articles, documents, press realeases etc in particular language which you know.

Another example, Let’s say, if you are a programmer of any programming languages, you can also help others who are looking for to short out their coding problems, instead of that, you can have some money also. So what are thinking, just login such freelance websites like Fiverr, Elance, Guru, Odesk etc and start making money from it.

Do you want to do only your jobs? Are you little creative? then just login to Fiverr and make your gigs which would be the easiest way to make money online.

Making money online is tough when

Each and every person who believe on making money online, if they saw some people making money from the internet and can rely on it, they can also earn part time money. Everyone can treat it tough when:

1. If you are a new blogger and thinking to start a new blog and do not have time for that. You never can make money online till you not started. Due to wrong daily routines, you can not give time to your blog or website after your office hours. You returned from the office and involved in other works.

2. If you are old blogger and can not write for your blog due to laziness, procrastination, busyness, due to other works, you can not make money from your blog. From these things, you have to rescue yourself and motivates yourself, so that you can post daily in your blog for your visitors.

You have to make correct routines for your blog and left lazyness. You should stay with your good friends who motivates you. Sometimes it happens that where you live with your friends, your all friends can not believe on your activity making money online. Stay out of them and make some friends who motivates you rather than demotivates.

Making money is not so tough, but the only thing you have to believe on that and start your own blog on your interested niche domain and start writing and earn from your blog.

You can also give your opinion in the comment section on way to make part time money online.

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