Website Blog Traffic Source

Website Blog Traffic Source

Website or blogs traffic is all about your visitors in the search engine who is looking for the same thing whatever you are listed in your website or blog.


What is website traffic?
Why do you need website traffic?
How to increase your website visibility?
How to monetize your website or blog for higher visibility?
What is organic traffic?
How do you track the website traffic?
What is the good way to SEO your website?


Website Blog Traffic Source

Website Blog Traffic Source

What is Website traffic?

Website or blog traffic is containing visitors or clients who is looking for the same services or information which you are looking for. It is calculated on the basis of number of visitors. It can be monitored each time and also can be tracked each pages and post. Everyone wants visitors in their websites for higher visibility. You can see further how can you increase the visibility.

Why do you need website traffic?

Everyone need it, here I do not know why you need exactly website traffic, but it is needed either you provide any specific services or information on particular subjects. Sometime you want to sell something like your own products or affiliates then you need it, sometime you want to sell your services like food selling, garments selling etc.

Types of Web Traffic

  1. Organic Traffic
  2. Referral Traffic
  3. Direct Traffic
  4. Social Media Traffic

How to increase your website visibility?

That was all about the basic thing you read yet, now the question is all about how? You are owning your websites and not getting traffic, do not need to worry about, you can increase your website traffic too like many successful bloggers and websites. The only thing you need to do that you update your website daily with quality content,that’s all. You do not have to do any external seo. Just update it daily with high quality content. People will be linking you automatically.

How to monetize your website or blog for higher visibility?

Till now you came to know about how to increase the website traffic, but some thing you have to do first in your website or blog before updating the same, you need to arrange or monetize.

There are something you need to do:

1. Use Descriptive Title
2. Use Header tags in the title and subtitle
3. Use short description in your meta tag and some relevant title in meta keywords
4. Use sitemaps and robot.txt file
5. Submit the sitemap in webmaster tool for good google crawling

What is organic traffic?

When you will search any topic in the google or any other search engine, you will see first in the top some sponsored ads, they are not organic results, but ads you will see some results listed, they are organic results.

In the Internet somebody search for how to create pdf file?, and your website contains same information, then google or any other search engine will list your website in the top. This is organic traffic. This is also can be generated directly from web directories, classified etc.

How do you track the website traffic?

If you are havings many websites and getting traffic, then you will think, how to track those traffic, from where you are getting traffic, in which keyword you are getting traffic, you want full records of that and want to track everything of each websites and blogs.

Now what do you do? you will go to google and search for that, what are the tools to track the visitors. You will see.

So, There are various tool to know about your traffic like google analytics, Statcounter. These website provides complete records about your website traffic. In both website, you have to create account first. Once you created, you will have option to add your websites, They will provide you the code to include in your website or blog. Just add that code to the particular location and verify it. They will track and show the records of your visitors.

What is the good way to do SEO your website?

There are two ways to do SEO your website, one is White hat and another is Black Hat. Do not use black hat SEO to increase your traffic, you may be penalized from the search engine, use only ethical way to improve your search engine ranking.

* Website Blog Traffic Source


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