VOIP Solutions For Your Business

VOIP Solutions

VOIP means Voice over Internet Protocol, I am going to tell you all about VOIP and how it is beneficial for your business.
You might have heard about VOIP, how companies are using this and get advantage from it.

example of voip system


According to Wikipedia

“It refers a communication protocols, transmission system to provide voice communication and video conferencing or any multimedia sessions over IP(Internet Protocol) using Internet. It also help in IP Telephony means phone calls using Internet.”

VOIP or IP telephony refers that you do not use PSTN(Public Switched Telephone Network) for phone calls, you use the Internet connection to make calls and receive calls.

You might have heard about Google talk and Skype, these are the example of VOIP system. Callcenters are also the example of it, call centers requires this voip system to have various international call. It saves your money on various calls, suppose your business requires Internationa telephone calls, if you would use public networks, it costs you a lot.


Understanding VoIP: Internet Telephony and the Future Voice Network

Understanding VoIP



Benefits of VOIP

  • Cost saving
  • Make calls either from phones or computers
  • Online call monitor
  • call from your mobile too to cut International call rates
  • Complete Call tracking
  • Calling from Computer to Computer
  • Conference Call with more than two persons
  • Cheap Hardwares and Softwares like Skype
  • Quality Calling
  • Security


Switching to VoIP

Switching to VoIP



Some Important Features of VOIP

  • Caller ID
  • Number Portability
  • Call Waiting
  • Conference Calls
  • FAX
  • Voicemail
  • Call Forward
  • Caller ID with name
  • Call Directory etc


I am trying to present only some points on VOIP, beacause i see it advanteous for business. It lied down the call costs and become so cheap, so that we could communicate with our business clients, customers all over the world frequently. Some of the companies and military organization have been using this VOIP system to secure their communication so that no body can know the private chat between two organization. It is very secure calling. Mostly our Government use this services, because this is your private network, the security agency of our country also use this service.

OBi110 Voice Service Bridge and VoIP Telephone Adapter

OBi110 Voice Service Bridge and VoIP Telephone Adapter

VOIP Companies

Top VoIP Service Provider

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