Unmountable boot volume error windows xp Resolution


Unmountable boot volume error windows xp

I was scared when i got a blue screen like this, then I verify my system to use another hard disk but it was good.

Unmountable boot volume error windows xp

Unmountable boot volume error windows xp

Now i came on Internet to research about this error and i found this helpful to follow some steps and resolve this error.


Basically it is due to bad system files. We see a blue screen written “Unmountable Boot Volume”.

Now We will see the steps to resolve this issue.

1. Insert the Window XP CD in the CD-ROM and restart the system

2. Press any key to continue the setup

3. In Welcome screen, Press R to start the recovery process.

4. Select the window installation and press enter

5. Password will be asked, enter the Admin Password and Press enter

6. At CMD, type chkdsk /r and press enter

7. Type exit and restart

8. If not resolved by the above steps use fix boot instead of chkdsk

* Unmountable boot volume error



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