Traditional Google Doodle


Traditional Google Doodle



When I used to search on Google, there were no Doodle on the page. But Google Doodle came and made google so traditional.

Inauguration of Hartland Bridge


If your country has festival someday, it will show you, as soon you open google and it display a very attractive doodle and makes you happy.

Weather this is a London Olympics, Indian Independence day or any other festival, Google logo has been converted to customized logo.

Robert Moog's 78th Birthday doodle


Earlier days, there is no much demand of artist, but now Google Doodle has increased the demand of Artist all over the world.

Google used to conduct Doodle competition in all over the world and use this on particular time.

Have you seen various moving doodle in London Olympics, you could play it also and shares with the whole world, there are many people liked this.

Google Doodle is a Scholarship program, in which, if you win this competition, you will get $30,000 College scholarships. This year Arun kumar Yadav, Central School, Chandigarh won this scholarship. Do you also want to win, just participate it.

* Traditional Google Doodle


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