Top SEO Questions Asked By Client

Top SEO Questions Asked By Client

When you are on client call over Skype or Phone and discussing your SEO plan, client can ask many questions regarding your work and search engine optimization techniques. I am going to answer top four questions asked by clients.

Top SEO Questions Asked By Client

Top SEO Questions Asked By Client


Top SEO Questions and Answer

1. How do you conduct your keyword research?

Ans: The strategy of keyword ranking on Google has been changed completely after hummingbird. If you want to rank keywords, you have to be more wise. You don’t have to fix on single keywords, you have to target more semantic and similar keywords in your on page seo optimization.

We research keywords based on locals and longtails/phrases, there are some tools like, ubbersuggest, Google Keyword planner and some article site like Ehow, Ezine, hub pages etc which can help you to find out the phrases of your related primary keywords.

2.How do you analyze the competition?

For Competition, we need to check all keywords/phrases on which your competitors are ranking on top. Following Factors, we check

Competitor Site:

  1. PR, PA, DA, MR of your competitor site
  2. Domain Age
  3. Backlinks and anchor text with Link Valuation
  4. Meta Tags(Title, Desc, Keywords, H1, Alt, OG, Facebook, G+ etc)
  5. Social Media Activity
  6. Content on Home page and Internal Pages
  7. Site Structure
  8. Page Load Speed
  9. Mobile Usability Etc

3. How do you obtain link? 

There are many free tools like SEO Profiler, Openlinkprofiler, Opensiteexplorer, Ahref, Semrush are available where you can check your backlinks. If we have GWT(Google Webmaster tool) details, we can check backlinks there also.

If you write your website URL on Google and in Setting, you can check your website activity according to Time. This can also help you to find out your backlink.

If you want to check activity of any brand name, you can set alert on Google Alert also.

4. What would be your social media plan?

After Hummingbird, it has become very essential to have a strong social media plan of your business. Google has started indexing ULRs and posts from your social media accounts too on SERP.

Make a Strong Social media accounts of your business(Facebook, G+, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram etc)

  • Keep posted according to the timing
  • Make a Viral Post on daily basis
  • Promote hash(#) tags
  • Mention and tag people, companies
  • Optimize your website with OG Tags, Facebook graph, Google Schema etc to be Indexed on SERP

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* Top SEO Questions Asked By Client


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