Top Facebook Tips and Tricks

Top Facebook Tips and Tricks

I had written some Facebook Tips and Tricks and want to share with you and your company’s beneficial. Hope, you will enjoy the same.

disconnect my account from Facebook

disconnect my account from Facebook

How do I disconnect my account from Facebook?

To disconnect your Skype account from your Facebook account:

Sign in to Skype.
From the menu bar, click View > Skype Home.
Click theicon and then Disconnect from Facebook.
To reconnect to Facebook:

Click Contacts > Show Facebook Friends.
Click Connect to Facebook and fill in your Facebook log in details.
Click Log In.
To completely remove any link between your Skype account and your Facebook account, you need to access your account details on Facebook. For help on how to remove the link, refer to this Facebook FAQ from the Facebook Help Center.

How Social media is good for small business to improve leads

Social media like Facebook is the new technology of getting business improved and generate good leads. It become master in new era.

Every small and big companies have been using this Facebook promotion to get business. There are many social media plugins are available:

1. Fans, Followers, Friends on Facebook
2. Twitter Followers
3. Linkedin Members, followers, groups
4. Yahoo Question/Answers of your products
5. Facebook Applications
6. Facebook Groups, Ads, Notes, Pages, Local Business

People started promoting their business online on social networking sites like Facebook.

So start your promotion too in upper listed sites.

Make Money With Your Mobile App by Monetizing Facebook Ads

Check Facebook FAQ Help:

Here is your dashborad:

Monetize Date Display with Audience Network by showing ads from Facebook’s 2.5 million advertisers.

Step 1: Get a FB App ID
Step 2: Apply to Audience Network
Step 3: Download Audience Network Library and Create Placement IDs
Step 4: Fill out Payout Information
Step 5: Filters and Performance

Full Apps Monetisation Tips:

Check the steps and Here is the slideshare link:

Can not login in Facebook Login Problem

Are you still not able to login in your Facebook account.  Can not login in Facebook : Login Problem

I have written all expected reasons, due to those, people could not be able to login in their Facebook account. Just have a look in my website GSE Soft Solutions.

Facebook Chat Easily Access in Mozilla Firefox Sidebar

Facebook chat is very popular now a day, people use this service to send messages too.

I will tell you how you can access Facebook Chat easily in Mozilla Firefox. I will tell you the complete demo of the steps and video tutorials.

Steps follow

Go to your Mozilla browser and open Bookmark Manager by pressing CTRL+Shift+B or manually from view menu

Now you have to create new bookmark and give value

Name: Facebook Chatting
Location :

and tick the value “Load this bookmark in the sidebar”

Press Enter or click Add Button

Now, you have to launch Sidebar by pressing CTRL+B or by View menu..

You will see Facebook chat Bookmark there, click and load the bookmark, you will see your all Facebook friends online within a second.

You will see my Video Tutorial, how to do this.

Finally Facebook share come in the market

Before some years, Facebook had launched their IPO in Friday, 18 May 2012 which was the costliest share in the world. Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg is getting many offers for Facebook but he refused everytime. Let see some points in Facebook IPO:

Facebook IPO(Initial public offering of Facebook)
Facebook is the costliest
Facebook’s IPO price: $38 per share
Finally Facebook share come in the market

When I came to know about Facebook IPO and getting shocked to know their share rate. This is also amazing to know that to launch their shares in the market, Facebook become the costliest technical company in the world.

Initial Public Offer(IPO) is the showcase of shares of any private firm which show their shares socially.

I will brief you about Facebook and their IPO, Facebook is the social networking sites which has been started by Mark Zuckerberg, 28. He was the student of the Harward. You know one thing, only eight years past of Facebook and now see their IPO. Their shares has been registered in the NASDAQ today.

Important Features of Facebook IPO

* Against high demand, Facebook shares prices at $38
* Facebook Total shares about 421 million, which can raise about $18bn.
* Largest IPO in the history


Now the big question is that Facebook has shared their shares but Would Facebook be able to keep their investors happy in the future? For that, facebook has to increase their income source. For your information Facebook in 2011, In Facebook’s total income, 69% is from Advertisement.

Facebook taken action on Fake Likes of your pages

Facebook has aimed to have fake likes of your pages, it is such likes which has not came from such real person, it may be my fake Facebook accounts. Such likes are wasteful.

Facebook Fake Likes rollback

Facebook Fake Likes rollback

What people do, to get more and more likes,they take services to increases Facebook likes from various company who promise on their website that they will increase their Facebook likes in $5 or $10 etc. But It was fake.

But what it should do, it should be like real identity, they would really like your pages and follow it up, then we came to know that ‘yes’ real personal truly interested for our services.

Now, if you are going to take such service in which you have been promised by the supplier to increase Facebook likes, then attention!

Facebook has taken action on it and increase integrity of their automated system, if your Facebook page’s like is increasing, Facebook automated system check it that the likes on your pages added by such means which is violating Facebook Policy, then like may be removed from your page.

For example, likes from malware, purchased likes, betray users.

This is a very good steps taken by Facebook team, so that the integrity of the Internet would always keep on.

Thanks Facebook

Facetime in Apple iOS6 new features review

Facetime is the medium and new features in Apple iOS and it requires good internet speed 3G. 4G. It works with Apply iPhone 4S and updated iPads. Facetime will perform well in Apple iOS6 in 4G environment.

Features of Facetime

1. Anywhere you can call facetime calling with your friends, relatives
2. Direct call option available
3. Use your Apple id for your facetime
4. There are 2 cameras, front and back
5. Online meetings with clients, office staff and all that
6. Make Video Calls from your iPhone, iPad, iPod over wi-fi and cellular network both.

Isn’t it cool? friends! We just have to login with our Apple ID in FaceTime and start calling.

How to Set up Facetime

Open Facetime and go to settings, enter your Apple ID for facetime
> Enter your Apple ID and Password and sign in, after signing, you will have your all contacts with phone and email id.
> choose the particular email and phone to perform FaceTime calling

How to create Facebook ads for your page, post, events

Lot of people having question in their mind to see the ads in their timeline, and they want to create their own ads on Facebook to promote their Facebook business page, sponsor story, post, page and events.

Here i will tell you, how you can create your own Facebook ads. Facebook changes something creating ads. When you go to, first of all it will ask to enter the url of your Facebook’s post, page, events, sponsor story, or select the listed items to create ads for that as follow.

When you select the page or post or you have entered the URL of the page you want to promote, it ask you that what do you want to promote, any specific post or page.

When you select your choice, now it will ask you to select, what people will see , any new ads or any stories about their friends liking the particular URL.

When you select your choice, it will show you the ads details, just fill up the forms like, ads headline, text, image, landing view etc.

Now you have to choose your audience, where your ads will be displayed and what aged people can see your ads, then select the gender.

If Any specific interest you want, then type your interest, now categorize your ads. You have to select your connection settings who can see your ads and select the target people also.

Now it will ask you to select your objectives. In last, you have to give your budget details. Just select your budget details and pricing and click review ads.

When you click on review ads, your ads preview will be displayed, when you click place order, Facebook will ask for payment options. In this preview option, you can edit the ads here.

Now do the payment from which you want, your ads will start displaying.

How to download your Facebook data backup

You can download the complete backup of your Facebook data, whatever you have uploaded and created in your Facebook profile.

Facebook Data Backup

Facebook Data Backup

I was wondered to download the same, i have accessed my all old albums, notes, events and was very happy. You can also download this from Facebook account settings.

There are some tips to download your Facebook backup

Login your account and go to your account setting, below there is an option to download your copy.

Click on this button, you will have a page to click on ‘Start My Archive’, just click on it.

You will be confirmed by this dialog box, Click on it ‘Start My Archive’

As soon you clicked, you will get an email to confirm it, open your email inbox and find that email, and confirm it, when you confirm, your download will start.

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