Top 5 website faults which is harmful for business


Top 5 website faults

Website can give your very specific client in your business but if you do not take care about your website, your image of your business can be low down.
There are some thing, you should check up on daily, weekly or monthly basis, that your website is working fine or not.

Website faults

1. Slow running

Check your website host server and ensure that it is opening fast so that returning visitor can come many times in your website for their purpose. If should be fast accessible. Client want opening website fast.

2. Every Page loading time

Tell your website Administrator to check the loading time of each and every page of your website, sometime, you are getting large number of visitors and your website’s page is loading slow, due to this they can go to other website and you lose your prospects.

3. Broken or 404 error in your website

website 404 error


You should regularly check your website to ensure that there are no any broken page in your website, some times it happens, somebody search in the google, your website link come, but when it is opened, it become 404 error. So check it. There are some tools in the Internet, you can scan your whole website.

4. Broken Links

Check on daily basis, your website has many links, it may be broken any time, you may have used any affiliate links or banner, it may be broken. Check daily, all links are active, if found, immediately remove this from your website.

5. Online order process

Manually check your website online order process in a weekly process, it can give you hard loss in your business, you can think when your website cart is not working fine. If found any problem with it, tell your developer and get it corrected.

Hope the above information was helpful for your business growth.



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