SEO Trends Case studies with Junior SEO Executives

SEO Trends Case studies with Junior SEO Executives

I had a meeting with our junior executives last Friday and some future SEO Strategies has been discussed.

SEO Strategies case studies

Every body should give the answer of the following question…

Today Question:

What is your SEO Strategies for 2014?

Some latest updates from the various well known blogger, you can take help from these articles:

2014 SEO Playbook: Google Hummingbird, Content & Authority

2014 SEO Playbook: Off-Page Factors

If Link Building Really Is Dead, What Do We Do Now?

You must read all articles very deeply to understand SEO, SEO in 2014 and answer today’s question that what will be your strategies in 2014

I want answer from everyone after reading all articles, no hurry

Saheb’s answer(Facebook):

For Blog

Regular, helpful content targeted at your audience.

• Social signals from regular sharing and engagement.

• Freshness or signs that your site is alive and growing.

• Increasing authority connected to your body of work.

Blog submission

If you are writing and publishing on blog and regularly update with image .It is very helpful for SEO 2014. Loss point- if you are not updating daily .It represents a lack of SEO 2014

In blog content should be company news and unique value.

These types of posts are filled with information (such as employee names, product names, and city names) that users might be searching for in search engines. Google updates day by day daily for websites visitor.

More traffic and visibility

Writing great content will naturally lead to better exposure, both through social media and other blogs and websites.

Your SEO strategy can also be influenced by your competitors’ strategies, so understanding what they are doing is a critical part of the process for both SEO and business intelligence objectives.

There are several scenarios for competitor:

• The competitor discovers a unique, highly converting set of keywords.

• The competitor discovers a targeted, high-value link.

• The competitor saturates a market segment, justifying your focus elsewhere.

• Weaknesses appear in the competitor’s strategy, which provide opportunities for exploitation.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competition from an SEO perspective is a significant part of devising your own SEO strategy.

Your SEO strategy can also be influenced by your competitors’ strategies, so understanding what they are doing is a critical part of the process for both SEO and business intelligence Objectives.

Pankaj’s Answer:

  • Content marketing is a major role in 2014 for ranking purpose.
  • Social signals from regular sharing
  • Discussion in group
  • Use quality content with relevant keyword and bold the  keyword also
  • Move more towards creating niche-specific, high quality content that provides values to their followers.

On-page tips:

  • Optimizing the landing page
  • Optimizing URLs
  • Optimizing meta tags
  • Daily check Google update for SEO strategy.

Sonam Saini’s Answer(Facebook):

According to me, there are some of the important SEO Strategies for 2014:

Website optimization

First of all analysis your website and optimize it including page title, page URL, page content, Meta data and many more.

Content marketing

  • Content should be unique and relevant to your business that explains your services in easiest way and should be good steps to get more traffic and audience.
  • Content marketing can inbound more traffic to your website.
  • Generate natural links popularity for SEO.
  • Build lasting brand awareness through engagement.
  • Content should be regular posted

Social media optimization

It will be the most effected part of SEO for incoming time. Through social media sites like G+, twitter, FB, linked, Pinterest and you tube you can reach your targeted audiences to grow your business by getting their attention and more traffic.

  • Social media means audience building
  • Relationship building and asking means link building

Google+ authorization

According to Moz’s study about ranking factor it has been confirmed that Google+ is playing an important role in SEO ranking. So establishing Google Authorship of your content and put it to your Google+ account.

Make your website Mobile optimized for incoming time to get more traffic

Regular Guest blogging and local listing

These are also beneficial points to get link

• Update outdated content that .gov, .org or .edu sites link out to

• Creating content that your users find useful and relevant

• Perfect your outreach and learn how to connect to people

• Info-graphics, business news and blog posting

Harshit’s Answer(Facebook):

The conventional definition of SEO has been completely changed and we all have witnessed that in past couple of months.

So, according to my perception

1)   More emphasis on content marketing is required, with quality contents that are more audience specific not Google

2)  Long or in-depth contents are now preferred by Google.

3)  Proper analysis of webmaster and Google analytics proves to be a positive approach to increase productivity of work

4)  Regular updation on your project in terms of forum posting, discussion, interaction add as a feather in your cap

5) Periodic review or updation of on page is needed.

Shaili Kaushik’s Answer(Facebook):

My views and strategy for SEO 2014 are:

1.) As we know that future is cross-channel attribution and getting more and more information is a best way to stay on the cutting edge and in demand.

2.) Get into the strategy to ensure alignment with search visibility goals.

3.) We should keep ourselves more focused and emphasis on content marketing. The content must be free from grammar errors and is helpful for readers.

4.) For social marketing do 15 min reviewing and interacting. Spend the first 15 minutes of the day reviewing, interacting, asking questions, and learning a little more about the constantly evolving landscape of search, social and promoting your site through interactions.

5.) The new emphasis of SEO 2014 is matching the meanings of phrases with concepts rather than just matching the individual words in a query to documents.

6.) Better educate ourselves as to the new trends and updates in the SEO industry through these great resources like Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land, Moz, and Google.

7.) Last one is that, as we all know that today mobiles and tablets are much handy for everyone. If we want more traffic to our site then we must get our site fit, focused, slimmed down, and ready for a mobile push, get implementing responsive web design, a specialized mobile site, or app based experience and lighten server loads to deliver the best and fast  mobile experience to everyone visiting our website. Hence we need site for SMO which are mobile optimized site, which is becoming more focused in the upcoming Year.

Megha Pandey’s Answer:

Most important factor

(1) Content marketing:  do content is most important factor in my point of view. Content of the site are related to its title (which are long tail) and unique, attractive user-friendly and educative.

(2) Do on page activities properly such as title, description and web content relevant to the site theme. Also mention that

  • Keyword mapping
  • Title (long tail)
  • Description
  • Keywords and other on page activities
  • Link evaluation etc.

(3) Off page: do less but quality work means when you are doing off page activity in the site you should notice the page rank, PA(Page Authority) and DA(Domain Authority) also mention that theme also available in that site. Content are unique for that case (ask viewers open ion). And title will be long tail

  • SBM and link wheel
  • Article
  • Blog commenting
  • PR
  • Guest posting
  • Search engine submission
  • yahoo answering
  • Forum posting
  • Info-graphics
  • Depth article
  • Local listing and classifieds.
  • cross link exchange
  • image and video posting

(4) SMO(connections and interactions with Facebook Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest): in SMO not only do posting but start to make group, to do relevant discussion and asking question. Google+ main factor establishing Google Authorship of your content, and tying it to your Google+ account. Authorship, which brings your body of content together.

Finally Shaili Kaushik and Sonam Saini together have become winner for the following points:

  1. Mobile Optimization of the website(Because most of the traffic come from Mobile Device, Tablet, I-Phone etc)

  2. In-Depth Articles

  3. Info-Graphics

  4. Engagement in various social media websites

It was great discussion with our juniors, it was enough to train and motivate them out.

On the another day, we had organized a workshop, and it was awesome experience shared by Mr. Denish Verma(SEO Guest Lecturer). Thanks +Denish to share your knowledge and experience which will be beneficial for us. Thanks a lot from our all SEO Team at Veom Infotech.

I hope this post will be helpful for all SEOs, Internet Marketer. All Internet Marketer are invited to give your opinion in the comment section.


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