SEO Tips: Article spinning is good or bad?


SEO Tips: Article spinning is good or bad

I have started sharing my SEO Experience with the people who are looking for and they have requirements of this information most. Today I am going to do R&D an article spinning. What is the impact of article spinning on search engines or link building?

Article Spinning

Article spinning has become the easiest method for web spammers to create content, but they do not have a single clue that what will be the impact of it on their website’s future ranking? In simple words, it is a tool and automated software which has a unique method to create unique contents for your website. It is a kind of spam activity which can violate the search engine webmaster policy. It is just like a technique in which you can create unique and relevant content for your website by the rewriting the existing articles. The article spinner software rewrites the article by replacing the words with their synonyms. At many times the sense of the article is changed and it has grammar issues as well which violates the Google Webmaster policy and site can be penalized on that term.

For Example: The word ‘Picture’ can be replaced by ‘photo’ and the word ‘unique’ can be replaced by ‘exclusive’.

Article spinning is good or bad

Article spinning is good or bad

Who use Article Spinning?

1. The newbie blogger

2. A person who has not enough budget for their SEO or Content development

3. SEO executives in the SEO companies who adore black hat techniques to promote the client’s website.

Is Article Spinning is good or bad?

Article spinning is good when it is done manually by expert writers. If you want to rewrite the existing articles then you must contact the expert writers for performing article rewriting manually. They will perform very cleverly and make your sentence completely unique and has complete sense which can never violate the Google policy.

As we know that according to Google Panda Algorithm update, if we copy any content from anywhere and publish on our website, it violates the Google Panda Policy and website will be penalized. In this regards, articles which has been spun and publish on the website or have been used for any link building techniques, you can be penalized too. So, please do not use these practices for your website. It is not good for your website for the sake of your website ranking. It will never be recommended when you are just spinning the existing article and post it. It can be recommended when you would be spinning only for information only. The spun article made the sentences more and more senseless. Google catches it very rapidly that this article has been spun from anywhere else. They penalize that website as per their low quality information and grammar. According to Google Panda algorithm, they target that content which has low quality and grammar errors.

Article spinning is good when you use it for spinning and information only and after spinning you are writing manually each and every sentence to generate meaningful and Grammatically correct sentences. Then it can never violate any algorithm and it is 100% unique and absolutely fresh articles and these are very safe for using in your website or any link building techniques.

Are you also thinking to fool Googlebot too?

If you are planning to fool Googlebot too to spin articles more and more, you are on the wrong boat, please get off of that boat and catch the right boat to reach to your destination of success. Googlebot has a very good algorithm which can caught your spun articles and penalize your website. Your all labor can be destroyed in a second and your website ranking will be gone also. So, Article spinning is not recommended at any cost.

Free Advice

If you want to promote your website and have very low budget, kindly do not concentrate on ranking, it will come one day just like a dialog of 3 idiots.

‘Do not concentrate on marks, keep studying well for getting knowledge, success will come one day automatically’

So, just create unique and informative content for your website and blog, ranking will be coming automatically one day and your website will be also getting a good amount of visitors if your article would be informative, they automatically will be getting back links which will improve your website’s ranking.

Google Recommendation on publishing the same article again after spinning?

Does Google take action on spammy guest blogging activities?

* Article spinning is good or bad


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