SEO Strategies 2014-2015 Tips and Tricks

SEO Strategies 2014-2015 Tips and Tricks

SEO Strategies 2014-2015 Tips and Tricks

SEO Strategies 2014-2015 Tips and Tricks

It proved to be an eventful year in terms of getting lots of updates from Google in 2013. There were major changes that were seen including further releases of Panda and Penguin along with the flight taking of Hummingbird and the shift to encrypted search.

This led to a lot of doubts where there were lots of confusions as whether SEO as a profession is dead. It was a major spam fighting steps that were taken by Google that shifted the playing field for SEO professionals. On the other hand, there has never been stronger for the need of an online presence. Now it has been seen that grey hat tactics does not work any longer and so it is time for the SEO professionals to look forward to embracing a more robust vision of their area of expertise. So, one has to be very alert for the SEO strategies for the year 2014-2015.

2013 SEO Strategies is still more relevant: Basic SEO Rule will never die

One can try to expect more micro adjustments when it comes to Penguin and Panda that would help to continue targeting both content as well as link quality. By keeping a close eye on the link profiles, it would prove to be a great benefit for the smart marketers where they would be able to perform periodic audits with the view to identifying and removing inbound links built unnaturally.  It can also be expected that it would remain critical for high quality content investments.

Content marketing will become bigger

In the year 2014, it is expected that it would be a move from buzzword to mature marketing in terms of content marketing. Companies that would possess robust content marketing efforts would be looked by Google where they would find that best kind of business that they have been looking forward to support in the best way.

So, it is important to get all the advantages of a good content strategy by targeting your audience with useful and regular content. It is also important to make sure that your site looks fresh with signs of growing and alive where it also includes increasing authority connected the body of your work.  It all depends on where your company stands now as related to an active content marketing strategy that would determine what changes you have to make in the year 2014.

Importance of Hummingbird

For mobile SEO, 2014 would be an important year for them. By responding to the rapidly shifting landscape, Google has struggled with the introduction of Hummingbird where it was found that more than half of the Americans own smartphones and one third of them own tablets. It has been expected that these statistics would probably shift upward in a very short period of time.

So it is important for you to have the right knowledge that the mobile performance of your site would matter a lot to your SEO rankings. If you do not have a mobile optimized site, then you need to take strict actions for the year 2014. There has been increasing importance of both Knowledge Graph and semantic search that would also lead to grow influence.

Make investment in Google+

If you wish to strengthen your overall social media marketing position, then it is very important for you to invest in your Google+ presence. This is because a recent study has confirmed it has been playing a real interesting and significant role by Google+ in terms of ranking factors. So, steps are needed to ensure that you try to establish Google Authorship of your content and then tie it to your Google+ account. This would help to strengthen your Author Rank by bring your body of your content together.

New points should be added in your SEO activities

  1. Google penalty proof content marketing
  2. Hummingbird(semantic, longtails), FAQ section, blog section, topic oriented not keywords, separate Landing page according for local keywords
  3. Ignore EMD Domains
  4. Don’t use keyword stuffing in keyword meta tags
  5. Make a different URL for language, check language settings
  6. Only Quality Link Building

Content Marketing(Hummingbird proof contents, Guest post, slides, docs, articles, PR, blogs, videos, images)

  1. Education related content marketing on the said niche
  2. Content promotion(LinkedIn Group discussion, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook with immense interactions, WordPress, Quora, Reddit etc)
  3. SMO(increase likes, shares, viral post)
  4. Google Authorship, Content authorship
  5. Have to install Mobile version for all website and blogs
  6. Local Promotion(Local business listings)
  7. Concentrate on Referral traffic and other sources of traffic
  8. Not only focus on organic traffic but focus on referral and some other sources of traffic i.e. Yahoo, Bing, ASK and some important search engines
  9. Knowledge Graph, Local Carousel, Hummingbird
  10. Stop Traditional techniques
  11. High page rank website link
  12. Edu link
  13. Top Forum Links
  14. Previous Bad Link Evaluation, removal, link disavow

“Implement structured data and rich snippets. Structured data allows Google to organize the information on your website and deliver it in rich snippets that help you stand out from the competition.”

Local listing

  1. Google Authorship
  2. Google+
  3. Google Business places
  4. Local DIR, business, Local Search Engine
  5. Press release, Local Guest Posting
  6. Yelp Listings, Local Yellow Pages listing,, City searches, Super pages, Localeze
  7. Local Classifieds

SEO people should be trained more in 2014, a single mistake can bring you down in search engines.

What are you thinking, I am a freelancer and SEO consultant, firing employees is not a solution due to ranking issues, you have to update your strategies and lift yourself from traditional issues.

Don’t wait for Google next update, just make your website 100 % relevant to rank well. Optimize your website for long term with mobile website.

I am sorry that could be able to update my blog due to time crisis. I am updating with lot of 2014-2015-2016 SEO updates.  Share your Opinion on the SEO trends in the comment section.


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