Request to Google for reconsideration of manual penalty in Google webmaster

Request to Google for reconsideration of manual penalty in Google webmaster

Are you also penalized by Google?

Are you also going to give reconsideration request to Google to regain your ranking?

Manual[Case Study] Payday Loan Penalty And The Road To Recovery Action: Request a Review?

Good news for you, according to MOZ blog, Google has recently announced that you can check to see your manual penalty if you have got any message regarding manual action of your website by the Google. People can give reconsideration request to Google regarding their penalty and regain their ranking in previous ranked keyword. Your ranking may be gone when you are penalized by Google, but if you analyze your bad links and remove them out, you can regain your ranking again in the same keyword. Before writing a reconsideration letter you have to audit your all backlinks and remove or disavow the spam or bad links. Google will reconsider your ranking if you will satisfy Google having removed all bad links.

Removing links by Google Disavow links

There are many criteria can be followed while choosing and removing links or disavow like following:

Page rank of both domains linked

Linking IP address

Domain age

Site theme

Anchor type

Link type

Linked like do follow or no follow

Link level

Comment spamming

From where we can download my all unnatural or back links data

 Google webmaster tool under Search Traffic>link to your site section

Link detox(clear idea about the risk of your links with detail data)

Majestic SEO


Open site explorer

Links evaluation where can I evaluate my links?

Your links may be found anywhere like following:

SEO article


SEO bookmarking sites

Guest post

Forum posting

Other websites or own websites

Own or other blogs Directories website

Natural links

Business directories

Classified websites

Job posting websites

Blog Roll or footer of any websites

Link exchange

Paid links

Comment spam

Expired domains

There are many such places where you can find your links. If you feel that particular link is not good for your site health, if you can remove that link, just remove those links immediately and request google for review your website.

Request reconsideration of your website: Steps follow:

1. Just login into your Google webmaster tool account

2. Go to your website dashboard

3. Go to Search Traffic>Manual actions

4. You will find the following message by Google

manual penalty


5. If you have removed all unnatural links, then just click on Request a Review button, you will have next popup to enter about how you have taken steps to remove your unnatural links. You have to acknowledge that you have not violated Google webmaster policies.

request a review

Request a review popup


Have a look on video, what Matt Cutts says about this:

What should be included in a proper reconsideration request?

If Google find you’re all links good, they will return your website ranking again in next crawling. Your comments and suggestions are requested.

Have a look on a case study by Moz on Google penalty

* Request to Google for reconsideration of manual penalty in Google webmaster


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