Removing spam links via Google disavow tool


Removing spam links via Google disavow tool

As I am an SEO consultant, when I analyze the client website to find the reason of downfall of search ranking, finding bad and spam links is also a technique to get the reasons. One practical example, I would like to mention that, one of my clients is targeting a keyword and he does not rank well, I had to analyze why and how. There are many problems with the site like on page changes in the website, but one of the things I found that bad and spam links. He must have been hired a bad SEO which would have created many bad links which is not good for his website I found. There are many such limit were available which was not natural, they had been created badly and for the manipulation of search engine. I have seen and analyzed links in Google webmaster and downloaded them in .txt format.

Disavow Link Tool

Now I had to analyze the bad or spam links only which is to be disavowed via Google disavow tool.

Google has provided us very good tool to devalue the bad links. Suppose, you found that your search engine ranking has been decreased randomly and you checked your webmaster and found message about manual action of penalty, then you should be active to remove that spam links by disavow tool. Then only you could be able to recover yourself.

Have a look which I have researched to solve these issue.


1. Check your webmaster and see any manual penalty or check links to your site

2. Download all links from Google webmaster tool and analyze the bad links

3. Now you have to create a text file which contains every bad unique URL in each line, use # symbol if you want to add any comments in that txt file. Use ‘domain:’ to disavow each links to that domain.

google disavow link tool1

google disavow link tool1

For example lets have a look a sample file.

Sample Disavow file

# Following are the list of links, note: this is comment

#if you want to remove each and every links from the website specify domain name #only like

Look a File sample

You know friends, link building is most important to avail good page rank, and Google has created this fighting with spamming. Google check and update their page rank algorithm in a year and provide page rank according to your all good and natural links. So we have to get good links 200-300 links to get page rank 1. You see twitter has page rank 10 which is the highest one. So try to make good links, so that you would not be penalized for bad linking.

You have to analyze and download all the links you want to disavow? Now you have to upload that text file. Steps Follows:

google disavow link tool

google disavow link tool

1. Go to the disavow links tool

2. You have to select website

3. Click Disavow links

4. Choose that file which you have created and listed all the links which are to be disavowed


Please note that: If you have upload new file, this will replace all which have been uploaded earlier.

How much time it will take to disavow?

You have to wait for next Google crawling. When Google re-crawl your website, it will be updated. It can take number of weeks.

Have a look what Matt Cutts says about disavow links.


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* Removing spam links via Google disavow tool


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