PayPal Domestic payments in India allowed now

PayPal Domestic payments

Now good news for Indians, the popular global E-commerce company now allowed two Indians to exchange their currency, I mean Indian people can make payment to Indian via PayPal. Earlier, there is no such facilities available in PayPal. Now it is allowed.

Now PayPal has own office in India at Chennai and Bangalore and gave access to Indians also to talk with the Reserve Bank Of India. Due to various restrictions in India, they did not allow.

Any business has their own choice to send and receive payment from PayPal. It has become the popular choice. If you are a businessman in India and want to send and receive money also from Indian to Indian people, now it is possible. You can send and receive money in India itself also. You can integrate your PayPal payment processor to sell any products in India.

Customer also can make payment via PayPal also.

According to Mayur Patel, Indian Country Manager, PayPal

Now Indian Export Merchants can receive payments upto $3000 which has been raised from $500. But When this will take effect, it is not mentioned now. Lets wait will be updated.

Source: Medianama, Read Official News

How to send money with Paypal

Here’s the steps to send money:

Just Log on to your PayPal account.
Click on Send money to a friend available at the top of the page.
Type the email address or mobile number to whom you are going to send money, and the amount being sent.
Click Next button.
Just Review once and confirm the information on the screen and click on Send button.

How to send money with paypal

How to send money with paypal

* PayPal Domestic payments


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