Interesting Google Tips and Tricks

Interesting Google Tips and Tricks

Howdy, GSE fans. Welcome all for new Google Tips and Tricks. One another helpful post for our viewers.

Today I am going share with you some important Google Tips and Trick and one more popular smartphone by Google.

Gmail email address tricks and tips

I got a very good experience today about gmail address, you should ask how? I would like to share with you this amazing email address system by google. I learned today that in the same email id, you can make various Facebook, twitter, monster etc accounts, and they will not ask you that your email id is already exist in our system. You know why?

gmail email address tips and tricks

gmail email address tips and tricks

Gmail has not figured dot(.) in the email ids suppose, your email id is, gmail understand it, you got it right!!,, j.ohnwilson etc are the same email addresses, you will receive emails in your same inbox.

One more thing I came to know that you can also change gmail to googlemail >

Now you got it friends, you can change your email id in two types, either you replace dot(.) or gmail. For this kind you can make various accounts in the same inbox.

Google and I’m Feeling Lucky Button

When you generally open the Google page, never attention to this ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button, What does it mean by.

Generally we type something on google and press enter to see results, but when you click on ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button, it directly goes to such search phrase which ranked first.



Suppose you type hungry and press that button, google directly goes to number of restaurant list according to your location.

Now Google changes some thing on this button, now it randomly changes like ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’,’I’m Feeling Wonderful’,’I’m Feeling Trendy’,’I’m Feeling Artistic’ etc.

You will see ranked results according to your mood.

Suppose you will click ‘I’m Feeling Doodly’ you will directly go to Google Doodle page.

But i see this has been changed only google main home page, not country specific domains.

iOS Application Links does not open bydefault in Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser has been come in the market for iPhone and iPad since long waiting, people had been waiting for it. Now It is in the market.
There is an only one browser, people know, i.e. Apple’s Mobile Safari, Now Google Chrome browser came for them and it has many features for iOS:



1. Compelling Functionality
2. Synchronizing Features
3. Search by Voice, etc.

But Still it has some bug, if you try to open any links in your iPhone, bydefault it will be open in your Safari browser, there is no option to set the by default browser, you have to manually open that links into your Google Chrome browser. Google started debugging this.

I would like to tell you one thing, there is a new apps called ‘Open in Chrome’ bookmarklet, you have to add this in your Safari browser, now you will be able to open any website in chrome.

Google Tablet Nexus 7 Review vs Apple ipad vs Amazon kindle

Friends, Google has finally launched their tablet in the I/O Annual Conference 2012 at San Francisco, which is giving competition with Apple’s iPad and Amazon Kindle.

According to Forbs, Google Nexus 7 is perfect at $199(Price may vary)

Some of the features listed here:

1. Price for 8 GB Tablet is Rs 11000 and for 16 GB is 14,200.
2. Weighs : 340g lighter than 3 gen tablet
3. Lightest and sleekest 7 inch
4. 1280 x 800 pixels display
5. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS
6. Offline Voice typing with 18 new input languages
7. Chrome is the default browser
8. 1.3 GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core CPU along with 12-code NVIDIA GeForce GPU.
9. 1 GB
10. 9 Hours Battery Life playing HD video

Want to give order

Go to Google Play and give order, with your order you will get Rs 1500 credit on Google Play for movies,magazines and musics. According to Google Official blog, your shipment will start processing by July.

Information Source:

How to submit Website in Google, Yahoo and Bing Webmaster Tool

I am gonna tell you that how you can submit your website into Google, Yahoo and Bing webmaster tool.

Google Webmaster tool

submit google webmaster tool

submit google webmaster tool

First of all you type Google webmaster tool in Google search engine and google will give you link, you just click that link, if you have already have google account, login with that account, if you do not have, just signup for that.

Google Webmaster Dashboard will be displayed after login, just click on Submit your website. Before submitting the website, you should have your website’s cpanel opened, because you have to verify your website.

Now click submit your website, and enter your website URL, now google will give your options to verify your account, i will recommend you to add meta tag given by google in your website, now add meta tag at suitable place i.e if you have html website, just include it in your master page after <head> tag.

If you have wordpress site, go to editor and edit your header file, just include the meta tag in the header file after <head> tag and save your file.

Now click verify button in the opened Google webmaster tool, verify dialog box. If you verified your website, google will redirect your website dashboard in webmaster, you should go to optimization tab and then sitemap, and now you have to submit your website’s sitemap into the webmaster, so that your all pages and post will be displayed in the google search engine.

Before submitting, you should create your website’sitemap, now click submit sitemap and enter the url of sitemap in your website..

sample url

When you submitted this, google will give message, sitemap submitted. Now it will take time, do not hurry about this, google will take time to list yout website’s pages and post.

This was the steps of submitting your website into Google Webmaster tool.

Yahoo Webmaster tool

For your information, Yahoo Webmaster tool has been merged with Bing Webmaster tool, When you open yahoo webmaster tool, it will tell you to submit your website at Bing Webmaster,

Bing Webmaster tool

Here is the same steps to submit your website into it.


1. Signup for Bing Webmaster tool.

2. Login

3. Add Site

4. Enter the URL

5. Verify your website as it is Google, upper mentioned, meta tag recommended

6. In your website dashboard in Bing Webmaster, go to Crawl tab and then sitemaps, and click add feed to enter your sitemap url

7. Enter your website’s sitemap url

8. Sitemap Submitted, do not loose your patience, it will also take time.

Hope you liked the Tips and Tricks. Sharing is caring, just share the same with in your social media accounts. We are waiting for your valuable comments.

* Interesting Google Tips and Tricks

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Earn Part Time Pocket Money Offline and Online

How can I earn some Earn Part Time Pocket Money Offline and Online

There are many such students or single Moms who want to make their own part time pocket money in the colleges while they are studying. Some body asked question in one of the top question, answers website.

I have researched a lot and found some of techniques. Which will be useful for students and kids to make money online 200 dollars a day in their part time and can earn their pocket money easily with their study. If we talk about Single moms, they can also make some part time money by the following ways which I am going to cover:

Earn Part Time Pocket Money Offline and Online


If you are studying in higher class, you can give classes and tuition to various students who are junior to you, this will help you remember your all studied things and earn some part time money. There are many such websites also available in the Internet where you can teach online and can take classes where you will be paid for that class.

Earn Part Time Pocket Money Offline and Online

Earn Part Time Pocket Money Offline and Online

Many students just waste their leisure time in wrong place and missed their extra pocket money. They should invest their time in the right place.

Making Painting and Cartoons

There are many techniques available for you like earn from your cartoon and paintings, if you are a fond of making cartoons and painting, you can make it and just sell it in good cost.

I will reveal to you one very good platform where you can sell your painting, cartoons, caricature, posters etc. There is website called, where you can register yourself and create your proposal that you will make cartoons, paintings etc for some money, where you will get orders and then your life will be on boom, you will just start earning good money in your part time only.

Participating competitions to earn money online

You can participate in Harvard Business School Computer Lab’s Experimental Research studies and 20 – 20 Panel, they will give good money in very less time.

There are many more techniques I know where you can earn money, These are the following list:

  1. Become freelance writer if you are having interest in writing in oDesk, Freelancer, Fiverr, ProBlogger, Squidoo, Hubpages, these all are good writing platform, where you can earn money on behalf of your writing.
  2. Freelance from your Home, own your website and blog in which you will can use affiliate earning and will be getting advertisement.

Mom Can make money at home

Hello, I am here to guide you about the tested and good technique from which you can earn at home. You do not have to go anywhere else. You know, how it is tough for single mothers to survive and take care of their children at home when they separated from their partner and become alone with their child. It has become very tough for them to survive. Single mother keep searching job in the market and can not get it and got very depressed.

So I have researched a lot for them and find and there are many methods to earn from the internet at home.


There is a truck driver in Arkansas and he used to drive the truck and delivery the products to the company. His wife at home have enough time, she also started searching job somewhere. Then she will find something interesting thing, this is one of the techniques to earn from internet. The only thing she has to do that writing articles(hubs) on HubPage and earn from that.

Make Part Time Money With HubPages

She has done so and started writing in HubPage. When she has written more than 10 articles(Hubs), she has got earning from that lenses. Both Truck driver and his wife become so happy to see the earning. Now they are making money with each others and living standard life.

Now tell me friends, how amazing experience it was to earn from Internet only, you do not have to go anywhere. This was the one of the technique, there are many one available such this.

What are others techniques to earn Part Time Pocket Money Offline and Online?

Join HubPage
Writing job on Hubpages, freelancer, elance
Give offers and services on Fiverr and earn money from that at home
Selling old products on ebay
Blogging and earn from advertising and affiliate program

So these are are techniques from which you can also earn money. If you are single mother and house wife, you can also earn money of your own and can help to your partner to live standard life both earn other.

Hope this is Helpful for you, Write your opinion on Earn Part Time Pocket Money Offline and Online

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Make Money Online With Google Adsense

Make Money Online With Google Adsense

Google Adsense is good advertising agency where you can get profitable ads for your website. Want to know, How?

Why you are here? You are searching for making money from Internet, isn’t it? Yeah!

How to earn money 200 Dollars Per Day online? Great Question! You will find answer here.

Apply Google Adsense Best Rated

Then I would recommend you about Google Adsense Advertising tool, where you can signup for putting ads in your website, when you signup for Google Adsense, it will give you a code to put into your website, it is a global ads program by Google.

How To Make Money Online With Google For Free

how to make money onine with google for free

how to make money onine with google for free

Really Want to make money online Apply Google Adsense Best Rated?

Now you got understand it that what you have to do for earning money from internet.

how to apply for google adsense through website

Steps follow

Step 1

Make a website which should be unique and getting good visitors

Step 2

Now apply for Google Adsense, it will ask you some information about you and your website, just fill the form and apply for it. You can also earn money from your Youtube Videos.

Step 3

You have to wait till Google approves your partial approval. When partial approval will be done, Google will give you a code to put into your website. Just put that code into your website and wait for some day for full approval.

Step 4

Google started reviewing your website for some day, if everything fine means your website contains unique contents and getting good and natural visitors into your website, they will approve soon, but makes sure, do not do any activity which violate Google Webmaster policy.

Step 5

When you got fully approved Google Adsense Account, now you have to make minimum $10 for PIN verification on your current address where you will get cheques from Google. Keep working your website to get good visitors so that clicking will be happening and your account could reach to $10. It takes some times. Keep patience!

Step 6

when your Adsense Account will reach to $10, Google Will send you PIN holding your payment to verify your account to your current address, wait for that PIN. When you receive your PIN at your address, Just put that PIN into your account and verify it. Now you have fully approved and verified Adsense Account.

Step 7

Keep working your website to get good and enormous amount of visitors, you can give any services into your website, keep good and highly searchable contents into your website and provide some good information. You can also start your own personal blogging and use Google Adsense Code there also. For this kind you will be starting earning from Google Adsense Advertising program. Keep working and do helpful efforts into your website and blogs.

Step 8

Minimum Payment threshold is $100. Balance your earning more than $100, till only Google will send you the payment.

Step 9

How to make money online with google for free and Be Happy with it and enjoy.

 Monetize Website Apply Google Adsense Best Rated

I wanna share one book with you i.e.”The AdSense Code: What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense“. this book has been written by Joel comm. He fully described about the Google Adsense, Where you can get the keys to earning more money from Internet.

See full book description on make money online with Google for free and if you need, can be Purchase online.

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