Advantages of Using Fiverr Clone Script for Successful Micro Marketplaces

Advantages of Using Fiverr Clone Script for Successful Micro Marketplaces

Fiverr is a popular online platform that provides a unique marketplace for freelance service providers. This became an excellent way for freelancers to connect with valuable clients and relevant projects easily, and on a global scale. Within only a couple of years of its launch in 2010, Fiverr reportedly had over 3 million services to offer to clients.

Creating Micro-Job Websites using Fiverr Clone WordPress Script

WordPress remains one of the top-favored online platforms, thanks mostly to the immense flexibility it offers to the users. It is excellent to create micro-job websites.

There are two main methods to develop a micro-job website using WordPress platform:

1) Fiverr Clone Theme method – In this fiverr clone WordPress script website development method, the aim is to replicate the layout, design and functions of Fiverr into the cloned online platform.

These themes help to create an almost exact replica of a Fiverr powered website.

However, care needs to be taken before choosing any of the numerous fiverr script WordPress clone, as many of these provide sub-standard service, despite you having to pay considerably to purchase it.

2) Fiverr Service Marketplace Plug-in method – In this method of creating a Fiverr clone WordPress script, the designer/owner needs to integrate multiple, different service providers into a single platform.

Using the Fiverr service marketplace pug-in users can easily add multiple sellers and help to successfully sell their services online. Graphics have overtaken text in online promotional campaigns.

Hence, it is most important to select a fiverr service marketplace platform that allows you to easily add multiple media, including text, images, PDFs, videos, documents, zip files, etc.

Fiverr Clone Script – Advantages and Benefits

These are some of the top highlighted features of a Fiverr clone script which makes it such a popular online platform today:

Simplistic design

It helps to create website layouts that are clean, simple and efficient. This makes the website more appealing and readable.

Easy to navigate

It operates by clearly showcasing your navigated route on the platform. This makes it easier for users to browse the website more freely and with enhanced efficiency.

Multiple choices for selection

It helps to create websites that offer multiple services on a single platform. All these different services are normally offered at almost the same cost, making it more affordable to choose.

Payment security

It provides a secure online payment gateway. Although the host may charge a nominal fee, the balance payment is transferred to the seller’s bank account after deduction of the service charges.

Excellent online support

With its increasingly popular, there are literally hundreds of inspired communities ready to support users in case of any problems. From general tips out of their own personal experience, these support communities even offers tricks to improve sales strategy and stay updated with the latest development in Fiverr clone script technology.

Sites Like Fiverr – Fiverr, GigBucks, Envato Studio, Zeerk, Truelancer, Guru, Amazon Mechanical Turk, UpWork (Former oDesk)

Check Seat Availability Indian Train Railways Passenger Enquiry

Check Seat Availability Indian Train Railways Passenger Enquiry

I would like to tell you the most important website in India today, many people does not have time to go to railway station to check the seat availability and booking of the train ticket.

Indian Railway has two important website to check the seats and also book the ticket from there also.

First of all the Indian Railway has site named, which has many options, but here i would tell you, how you can check seat availability in this website.

Check Seat Availability Indian Train Railways Passenger Enquiry

Check Seat Availability | Indian Train | Indian Railways Passenger Enquiry

Just go to, and fill the form like the following:

Here you should know the train number with station code, and then you would be able to check the seat availability.

If you do not wish to fill the form, you can direct click on the left side

Here there are three options available

Availability at Major Stations

* Next 7 Days availability report

* Next 7 Days Tatkal availability report

* Earliest date of available berths/seats

Where you can click and see the availability report.

Check Seat Availability Indian Train Enquiry

There is another one official website where you can check and direct book the ticket from their self named you can check seats availability, tatkal booking tickets, premium booking tickets etc where you can book railway tickets. Apart from these, this website also enable you to book hotels, cabs, shopping etc.

Indian Railway Train Running Status Live

There is another most important website by Indian Railways to check the current status of your train in which you are going to travel. You can check running status live before travelling. So that you will be able to know about your train status weather it is late or on time. It is most important website of Indian Railway named It shows the whole details of your train like current stations, expected time for arrival and departure etc.

Before using this website named, you have to create the login and do login, after that you have a dashboard, where you can plan your travel at left pane, you have to fill the form and click find trains button, the vast Indian railway database will be fetched pressing find trains buttons and will give you the required details, where you can book the ticket after checking the seats.

Checkout the video for full demonstration:

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How To Make 200 Dollars Fast In One Day

How to Make $200 Fast In One Day?

In an age where your commercial success defines your stature, knowing ways to earn money online is a great idea. However, like with any conventional business, there are certain factors that need to be taken care of for your online start-up to help earn you money.

When executed with precision, there are several online revenue ideas that can help earn fast money.

Make 200 dollars fast in one day

Read on to know how you can easily make $200 fast in one day using the power of the internet.

How To Make 200 Dollars Fast In One

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the best ways to earn fast money. Google Ads are highly prevalent and you may have come across these ads in thousands of websites. The format of Google Ads allows them to be integrated easily, even in basic online website.

However, the ROI on these is incredible and helps increase user traffic to your website.  One of the best advantages of using Google Adsense account is the easy-to-follow process. All you need to have is a blog or website which is activated online, and you can simply sign-up for a Google Adsense account.

2. Affiliate marketing

Even if you are in the initial stages of launching your blog or website, you can still try affiliate marketing to earn money online. This is one of the most lucrative online earning ideas present today.

In affiliate marketing the aim is to partner with another relevant brand or company and promote their product/service using content on your own website /blog. All you need to do is ensure that your partner’s product, brand or name is back-linked using the unique affiliate code provided to you only.

Hence, if a reader from your website does click on the affiliated link and makes a purchase, you are entitled to the pre-fixed commission.

3. Online education

If you are a skilled person then you can also earn money online by teaching the skills to potential students, using only the internet. Choose your best skill and focus on promoting your educational/instructional course online.
There are several platforms that are reliable for setting up your own online education course. is one such popular platform where it becomes incredibly easy to upload all your teaching material online, and to manage it as effectively and flexibly as you can.

4. Online consulting

Online consulting remains one of the most lucrative business ideas today. With tens of thousands of companies online, there is immense competition in the e-commerce sector. Online consulting should be considered if you have an expertise over any subject.

It might surprise you if you notice the numerous consulting services that are currently prolific over the internet today. From personal to business, online consulting can be in any given subject.

5. Lead generation

Collecting online leads for online sales is another one of the brilliant online earning ideas in vogue currently. For this, you will require setting up your own website, attracting user-traffic to your website and ensuring that the sales lead you are generating will be valuable enough to be paid for by small or large companies.

This is an excellent solution if you do not have the capacity or inclination to turn highly-potential sales leads into actual sales yourself. Instead, you can sell the generated sales leads to relevant businesses or companies.

Follow any of these top 5 ways and you will know how to make $200 fast in one day only.

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Facebook Should Be Banned In School?

Facebook Should Be Banned In School

Facebook, you might be enjoyed see this topic, specially teenagers. Now a day facebook is very famous amongst social networking sites.

Recently I see a very disgusting thing happened in facebook in school campus, i saw a student has tounted a very distaste or disgusting comment on his lady teacher. The lady teacher has scolded him for some valid reason but student has taken it wrong way and write very wrong comment on the teacher wall, for that whole school students have seen this on facebook. The teacher felt insult with this activity.

In coming days we see such activity in the school campus. Now big question arise that, does Facebook should be banned in school campus or any alternate option should be come in facebook.

Facebook in Schools and college

For this activity, School department has decided to take action on banning facebook in school premises.

According to me, it is good for students in some points and also bad for other points, that is why peoples are thinking that Facebook Should Be Banned In School or not.

Good Points

  • Increase the knowledge the students
  • Connected through teachers and principal of own school, apart from own also connected through other schools too.
  • Connect all family and distant friends in facebook
  • Sharing your experience with friends and international friends
  • Students can participate in any debate program on facebook.
  • Facebook Notes, Facebook Events, Facebook Promotions of Schools, Facebook Page of Schools Where the school management can share the useful videos to their students.

Bad Points

  • If you start using all day long, it is a waste of time.
  • Spread bad things on facebook about individuals.
  • Putting inappropriate thing, i know, this activity has not been done by good students. Bad students do such activity and make it worse.
  • Insult people and take revenge from their enemy.
  • Fake Facebook Accounts
  • Post Bad Comments
  • Misuse of Facebook Messenger
  • Bad use of Facebook results depression also.

According to me, it is not possible to prevent such activity on social network, but for some time like in school hours or at home, it should be banned by their parents and teacher, so that they could not waste their time and concentrate on their study. In Facebook, people share the inappropriate things, pictures, and students get diverted from this. Facebook just banned this type of images and any kind of things, it should not be displayed on the student’s wall.

I personally was fedup with my Facebook timeline and my wall. Lastly I decided to use Facebook privacy settings like I have Un-followed many friends who used to share negative and hat-full content and follow those only who share positive or good vibes. I have also blocked many friends who spread negativity and bad comments. In this way, you can protect yourselves. Because we read that our mind read in the format of images and this negative Facebook information can harm our mind, intellect and impression.

Guidelines for parents and teachers

Facebook has given and mentioned all things for parents and teachers, so that you can prevent your teens, children, students to use facebook wisely and in a good way. There are many question has been solved by the facebook. You can see the Facebook guidelines.

Social Media Guidelines for Parents and Kids

I always used to watch and do research on health issue by media and social media. I watched these videos of Sister BK Shivani and found many things regarding social media and health issue. We as a parents need to give knowledge about social media to our children and tell them to do research or make project on the same. When our children will have enough knowledge about these social media, they could be able to understand the effect.

But they do have knowledge about it and no body gives this to children. You should watch these videos and also refer these to your children. It is all about the information which we are taking from media and social media or from various places. It effects on our mind and we become like those information.

Facebook’s has requirement to be 13 before creating new account. How you can change the privacy setting on your children’s account. See in the facebook guidelines.

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