One Indian Girl Review – A ‘Feminist’ Book without any Feminism – By Chetan Bhagat

One Indian Girl Review – A ‘Feminist’ Book without any Feminism – By Chetan Bhagat

This is the seventh novel of India’s largest fan based writer Chetan Bhagat. That is also the first of its kind for the writer. And also the first on a women viewpoint for the writer.

The novel is based on the different views of people on a girl living in a city with big achievements and success. That makes the girl with many problems to find love and other options.

Front Side of Book Cover

Pic by Amazon:One Indian Girl Review
Pic by Amazon:One Indian Girl Review

One Indian Girl Review by Chetan Bhagat

One Indian Girl is the seventh novel by India’s famous and largest fan based fiction author, Chetan Bhagat. Bhagat is a writer, who is famous for including almost every topic in a fictional novel, whether it’s on romance or politics or any other bitter grounds.

He is the writer, with so much opinion about almost any topics, and this seventh one of his is no different. This is about an Indian girl with big achievements and success with women empowerment.

Backside of the Book Cover

One Indian Girl Review

Storyline of the book

This novel is about a girl, who is well educated, much successful with a lot of intelligence in her. This came with a big drawback in her life, which having difficulties to find love.

The novel deals with all sorts of inequalities for a girl, a society where you being a girl will always get judge for achieving something. In the world of men, a woman with intelligence and success might get you stuck in a position to fight with all sorts of hurdles in life.

The female lead protagonist named Radhika is all successful, and it’s time to get married. This point of the scene is starting to this judging the personality of the girl, and it leads to the never ending battle of feminism.

The lead protagonist is a girl with having an opinion on every topic to everything, which is a big no in our Indian society. All the hustle and tussle of a girl being prosperous and radicle about society fingering upon women are there in the book.

Sturdy points of One Indian Girls by Chetan Bhagat

This is the first time the writer has put the issue of feminism in his book and with all the episodes of governing a woman in the Indian society. The speculation of ‘how come a woman can get success in her life’ and the other burdens of being a woman. In the world of non-equality, a woman is very much targeted and is all projected on our lead female protagonist.

Weak points

Being protagonist, the character is somehow weak and sometimes a little insane. And you can find about the all other characters are being borrowed from Bhagat’s previous novels.

This story allows all the office romance and social life love sequences without a lack of responsibilities. As its being mentioned in the title of this article, the word used in the novel as ‘feminism’ but it doesn’t look so.

Should people go and try this?

The main verdict of this novel is that Bhagat has sought a new thing this time. And with all due respect to the readers, this does give a touch on feminism. This is the first time; the author has to write on a female protagonist. And has shown a little part of feminism of him as well.

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What do you feel about One Indian Girl Review by me, please share your opinions in comment section. Your opinion is important.

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How to change Youtube Background

Change Youtube background

Lot of people generally ask that, how to change the youtube channel background. I have research a lot on it and found the steps with practical example of it.

Here is the Steps

Go to your youtube website and login, if you did not setup yet, setup now

After successful login, click on your profile and go your channel

You will see a channel setting options on left upper side

Click on the youtube channel setting and then select the picture or image which you want to change it, if already selected, then firstly remove the old picture then reselect it and choose the color setting and see preview according under it

Then click done editing on right upper side

Your youtube channel’s background will be saved, start enjoying with your news Youtube Dashboard background colors.

I have given a practical example to change the background of your youtube channel.

See my Video tutorials to see the practical example

* Change Youtube background

How to Download Punjabi Fonts And Start Writing

How to Download Punjabi Fonts And Start Writing

Punjabi is language spoken basically in Punjab state in India and also in all over the country by 130 millions native people in all over the world. According to Wiki, it is the 9th most spoken language in the world in 2015. There are many other countries like USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Australia where Punjabi language is used by native speakers. It is the most widely used language in the India and all over the world.

In Bollywood movies, it is getting popular day by day and peoples are enjoying the Punjabi movies a lot. You must be heard that the most popular Granth Guru Granth Sahib use the Punjabi Language which was written in Gurmukhi and there are many fonts available in Punjabi which can be used like Ravvi, Gurbani, prabhkii etc.

Now a days, people wants to write in their own native language. Google has also introduced their search engines in many Indian Languages including Punjabi. I want to guide people who wants to write in Punjabi language using Microsoft Word, but could not able to perform in the right way.

Punjabi can be written using Microsoft word, but you should have the following fonts in your windows Operation System’s Fonts Folder. I will guide you completely.

raavi punjabi fonts in windows folder
raavi punjabi fonts in windows folder

For Downloading raavi font free and Installing the Punjabi Fonts, you have to follow the steps below:

1. Just go the C:/Windows/fonts folder and search the fonts named ravv.ttf, GurAkh_T.ttf, prabhkii.ttf, gurbaniwebthick.ttf, gurbaniakhar.ttf

2. If you found that punjabi fonts are already in that windows font folder, just go to seventh steps

3. If you found that punjabi fonts for pc are not available in that folder, you have to download punjabi fonts first, these are the following sources to download punjabi fonts:

4. If your download is completed, just unzip the files with extention .ttf and copy and paste the file in C:/Windows/fonts folder

5. You have completed the font installation steps

6. All is done now, now you can start writing in your microsoft office in punjabi

7. Open the Microsoft Word to write in raavi font

8. If you know that how to start writing in Punjabi with your keyboard, you can start typing from your keyboard.

raavi punjabi fonts in microsoft word
raavi punjabi fonts in microsoft word

9. If you do not know that how to start, you can go to insert and symbol, select font named raavi
and start inserting the punjabi characters, you can start writing with your name, check this.

Free download anmollipi punjabi font

If you want to download anmollipi punjabi font, you can also download it for your pc or mobile phones. You have to visit here and click on anmollipi punjabi font download button to download it. Now you have to apply the same in your pc. You can paste the font file in your windows font folder.

Punjabi ttf fonts free download

By this kind, you can start writing in Punjabi. Now a days, there are many apps in your phone which also supports native languages, you have to set the language or they can suggest when you will type.

Many Available Punjabi Fonts

1. Raavi
2. Gurbani
3. Gurmukhi Akhar
4. Sukhmani
5. Guruvedica
6. Bulara
7. Gubara

8. Anmollipi punjabi font

9. Punjabi ttf fonts free download

Available Operating System to use Punjabi Fonts

1. Mac(Macintosh Operating System)
2. Android Operating System
3. Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
4. Iphone
5. Linux and Unix
6. DOS

Software which can use Punjabi Fonts

1. Google, Mozilla, UC, Opera Browsers
2. Iphones
3. Windows Phones
4. Photoshop Software
5. Corel Draw Software
6. MS Word and related Softwares

I Hope, this article will guide you to write in Punjabi, i have also written on how to write in Hindi. Please share this article to needy people who are searching to write in Punjabi and Hindi.

Share your opinion in the comment section on How to Download Punjabi Fonts And Start Writing.

How to set PATH and Class Path to run JAVA program

Set PATH and Class Path to run JAVA program

If you have installed JRE and unable to run the java program, then stop for a moment, you will not be able to run the program till you do not set the path and classpath of your installed JRE.

If you want to set path and classpath using command prompt



C:\>set path=%path;C:\Java\jdk1.6.0_03\bin%

Here you have to give the JDK/bin directory path

2. Classpath


C:\>set classpath=%classpath;C:\Java\jdk1.6.0_03\lib%

Here you have to give the JDK/lib path

If you are using windows to set the path and classpath, just follow the steps

Right Click on the MyComputer > Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables

set path and classpath in java
set path and classpath in java

Now you will have a window showing user variables and System variables.

You have to find the variable name path, if it already contains path variable, just edit the path folder and edit the value, include ;C:\Java\jdk1.5.0_03\bin; after the last value.

Set Path in Java to Run Program
Set Path in Java to Run Program

If you are unable to find the PATH folder, just create new and give variable name path and value C:\Java\jdk1.5.0_03\bin

Set Classpath to Run Java Program
Set Classpath to Run Java Program

Same case in CLASSPATH, if already contains, just edit it with ;C:\Java\jdk1.5.0_03\lib; or create it and give name CLASSPATH and value C:\Java\jdk1.5.0_03\lib

Now you can compile and run the java program easily.

I will show you the steps in my video tutorials.


How to Install Java

Setting up your computer to run Java

G Cloud for Android backup review Application Online

G Cloud backup review for android Application Online

Friends, I am going to share with you very important tips for backing up your data from your android phone. Now a day, this become essential to back up your data, but people generally save their data in one or two places and forgets it. It is not so secure, your data has a risk of it. So Guys choose always cloud backup system like see g cloud backup review, there are many places available online for cloud backup like following:

G Cloud

Cloud computing is the online backup services provided by many companies now a day. It is basically based on the schedule by the client, client software starts backup daily of your phone data or computer data in a certain time.

Cloud for Android backup review Application Online
Cloud for Android backup review Application Online

Backup Procedure by the Client software

Collections of the database or data > compress > encryptions > transfers to the remote backup servers

Backup has been very essential in the world of computer, everyone who is using the computer, want to security of their database or data, so that anytime they can access their data and that should be in safe place. In old days, people used to save their data in extra hard disk, there were no cloud backup services available. Now it is available, one time you transfer your all data in cloud backup system, it become safe and anytime you can use it. Cloud server services are integrated, reliable and recoverable.

Costing of Cloud backup server

It is basically based on your data type, data age, volume of the data, number of backups all that.

G Cloud backup review for Android

Here, I am going to share with your one application which is in great deman now a day. It is an android application to create backup of your data from this G Cloud Application to cloud servers. It secure your all data to a remote server which is fully recoverable.

Suppose you are using your phone in which lot of data, contacts, messages, images, videos, emails, databases are stored and its stolen or missed, now what you can do, you got a new phone, but where you can access your all data. That is why backup of your phone or computer is very urgent, you should also backup your all data.

G cloud backup review for android gives your a environment and space where your can save and transfer your all data. If your phone has been stolen or missed, you do not have to worry about it. You all data will be saved, you can just replace your phone any time and can access your all data in your new phone. It can create backup of your messages, call logs, phone contacts, images, videos, songs etc. From this G cloud android application, your backup will be starting everyday in a point of time you given. It can create back up every versions of your files and folders.

Just Download the G Android Backup for your Android Phone.

G Cloud Download Option

Google Play


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