Page rank dead? No Google Toolbar Page rank update


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I was reading a book internet marketing, why people are running to get good page rank of their website. Every time I acquire link, firstly we check page rank of that website because of SEO prospects and get quality links.

But did you notice one thing friend?

Why we do not get any updated information regarding page rank?

I was studying a book in which written and it is true also that Google has not provided Google toolbar for chrome and they also rollback the toolbar from Mozilla also. One thing you might notice also that there is no page rank algorithm updates. Our websites have same page rank for more than six month. If people has motto to get page rank, why we have very less information regarding page rank.

Any Update you find in your website page rank?

According to search engine land, for last six months, there is no update in value of page rank in Google toolbar. Google has made harder to know about page rank, as it is only working in internet explorer which is very less popular.

What is the motto of Google regarding page rank?

Matt cutt has given the answer regarding page rank; we will see a video below.

Google has launched a Google toolbar before many years to discover that how much trust Google do in our websites. But after that Google has not updated any information regarding page rank. Even then have not provided toolbar or add on for Google chrome to check page rank.

Is the page rank dead?

Google page rank

Google page rank

We know that Google update their page rank information or algorithm to discover the current website page rank. Technically we can assume that not updating means might be killing the same.

I am going to brief about Google toolbar features, why Google had launched this before many years.

Features listed below

Google search

Social shares

Google bookmark

Gmail access

Google page rank information

Spelling checker

Gadgets support

New tab option

Auto fill option

Navigation error suggestion

Auto linking

Web history

Send to button


Highlight the search term

Popup blocking option

Word finding

Browse by name

Google doc access

Custom layout option

See, how many features in Google toolbar, but still fail to survive in the market. It is also a misty created by Google. We are eagerly waiting for Google toolbar update. We want to download Google toolbar for chrome. But fail to download.

Why don’t you turn off the PageRank feature in the Google Toolbar?

Why page rank?

Page rank says that how relevant your page is. If have good page rank, you will rank well theb your competitor.  It is one of the ranking methods.

Only high page rank cannot give you good ranking.

Take care when you are going to link any website, just search on Google and link from those websites which are ranking on top of search engine. Do not care about page rank, because it is one of the reasons of good ranking.

Weather you get link in high page rank, anchor text is more important that on which text, you are getting link.

According to Matt cutts

“PageRank is only a score that represents the importance of a page.” I’d just clarify that we consider it Google’s opinion of the importance of a page. – “poured” -> “pored”. Okay, that’s probably more detail than you wanted. I’ll stop. :)”


Your comments and suggestions are welcome, share your opinion regarding page rank of Google.



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