Optimizing Own PDF Files for Search Engines


Optimizing Own PDF Files

Optimizing your own PDF file is good deal with Search Engines. Sometime people has requirement to get it downloaded PDF files by the website online. For that you have to create the PDF files and upload in your hosting account and make them optimized so that people search it and found good information. Somewhere else Google like it and understand it is good information.

Optimizing Own PDF Files for Search Engines

Optimizing Own PDF Files for Search Engines

But you are thinking that uploading the PDF into host is all that, nop! you have to make it optimized so that it lists into Google search results.

After following some steps you could be success listing PDFs in Google Search Results.

1. Create PDF Documents

You have to create your own PDF documents according to your requirement. You can make it by MS-Word and saving it by PDF plugin. At the time of creation, first of all you have to set the properties of the PDF like Title, Description, meta data. In PDF files, first page would be Title and further would be description, index, author information, copyright policy and keywords. You can give your website’s particular page link somewhere in your PDFs, so that from your PDF your website would hit online. In order to list your PDF also in search results, you have to link that PDF on your website page. Because robots of search engines will find it in your website and list soon.

After writing the PDF, you must recheck the content, it should be unique, Search engine robots crawls the PDF content too, do not put more and more links.

Now it is the time of saving your PDF file, do not save it at any name, just save it according to your PDF keywords.


2. Uploading the file into your website hosting home page.

3. Now linking you PDF to your website wherever necessary

It can boost your website traffic too.

* Optimizing Own PDF Files


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