Multilingual and Multiregional SEO Guide


Multilingual and Multiregional SEO Guide

SEO in different languages is the big challenge and it requires strategies. You are doing SEO in your own comfortable language like English. But if you would get such a website which is in different language like German and it is the only language which site opens in all over the world. How you start SEO of that website? You can give your opinion in the comment section.

One problem we faced that we have to start SEO campaign for German website which is in German language. Look How I started.

SEO Strategies for Multilingual for Website

Whether your site is in any language, the Basic of SEO would be the same. Check the following for Multilingual and Multiregional SEO Guide.

Keyword research

Local SEO

Local Content Marketing (GEO Targeted)

Try to get Local inbound links

IF you are targeting specific country: See the following tips

  • You have to choose particular TLD (ccTLD) for your domain like,, etc

  • Verify your address in Google map

  • Host your website in local country

  • set your geographical settings in Google webmaster tool

  • Try to gain links in the same country

  • Use local language in your website

For targeting multi language, you can have same website in two different languages, suppose, own a website named for targeting and for

Now the question is that how you can promote your website for both URLs. Create respective contents according to their language, I mean if you intent to promote, create Hindi contents and this URL and create English contents for

Local SEO can be used to promote local URLs like *add business in Google places, *give local classifieds, *try to get local website backlinks, *submit in local directories, *submit in local business directories, *start blogging and *promote in social media websites.

Host Domain in local server

Host both the domain separately, like host main .com domain in the United States and local domain in India for Hindi version of the website. Many domains are generic and those are particularly for single location. You can set this Geographical location in GWT (Google Webmaster).

Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) domain example: .biz, .cat, .coop, .net, .jobs, .mil, .mobi, .name, .gov, .edu etc

Generic Country Code Top Level Domains (gccTLDs) .tv, .me, .ad, .as, .bz, .cc, .cd, .nu etc

Check out this

Geotargetable domains

Hire Local Writers for Content Marketing

Hire Writers to write contents in your specific and local language and could share all contents to social media website. Local writer could write more effective contents in the regional language and could get more and more backlinks.

If you are targeting any specific country, makes sure that you set the location for that website in Google webmaster tool. The following steps you have to perform to set your geographical location.

Looking for SEO Expert for your local business

Google Webmaster Geographic location settings Steps

1. Sing into your Google Webmaster Tool

2. Go you project Dashboard

3. Under Site Configuration, click on Site settings

4. In the Geographic target section, just click on check box target users in <Select Country>

5. Now click on save button

Set Geographical location

Set Geographical location

site geographical settings

site geographical settings

Some Other Great Resources on the Internet on Multi-Language SEO

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