Mountain Day 2020 Japan: 山の日2020日本

Mountain Day 2020 Japan

Today, Search engine Google is celebrating Japan’s Mountain Day also known as ‘Yama no hi’ and shared a very interactive Google Doodle. This is an holiday which is celebrated to give honor of the geological wonders of the Japanese archipelago. When we search on Google, The Japan’s Mountain Day is observed on 10th August.

Mountain Day 2020 Japan: 山の日2020日本
Mountain Day 2020 Japan: 山の日2020日本

In starting, this festival was intended to celebrate just after the closing of the Olympic Games. Generally, it is celebrated each year on the eleventh day of the eighth month. You can see this attractive Google Doodle, where August 11 date, in which as the Japanese character for 8—八— resembles the sides of a mountain. And date 11 says, there are two trees which has been illustrated in the Doodle artwork.

What is Mountain Day in Japan?

You will come to know about Japan’s topography which has been sculpted by millions of years of tectonic activity. This is very natural creation and the world’s most spectacular collections of peaks. It includes 100 active volcanoes. You can see that 80 percent of the country covered in mountainous terrain.

The Japanese government decided to dedicate the full day for its towering landscape in 2016 and started celebrating the day. It is good step to dedicate our time for nature and doing the good and positive thinking for our nature which will spread positive vibes in the nature.

A dancer in front of a Mount Fuji painting. Japan’s culture is originated on Shintoism, where natural places, with mountains, are known to have a sacred spirit about them

What is the most sacred mountain in Japan?

Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji: volcanic power(日本で最も有名な山)


働き過ぎの文化の本拠地として有名な日本は、2016年から毎年8月11日まで祝われる16回目の祝日「山の日」を開催します。富士山の絵画の前で踊るダンサー。 日本の文化は神道に基づいており、山を含む自然の場所には神聖な精神があると考えられています。

多くの人が日本の多くの峰の1つを訪れ、自然の中で静かなハイキングを楽しんだり、遠くからの静かな美しさを賞賛したりして祝います。(Celebrates this day, visits the highest peaks, hiking and admiring the silence nature).

Mountain Day Facts and Highlights

Mountain Day in Japan – Every August 11(This year the holiday is observed on August 10)

Why Mountain Day – Opportunities to get familiar with mountains and get blessings from mountains

Happy Mountain Day, Japan!


Mountain Day, The National Holiday In Japan, see Wiki.

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