Link your Orkut account to your google Plus

Linking Orkut account to your google Plus, Cross posting!

Orkut was out of trend before some days, but now it is on boom, people started linking their account to their Google+ profile.

Orkut New Look


Google has finally found the solution of Orkut, they improved the look of Orkut just like Google+ Profile, it gives you very impressive look with Google+ toolbar and Cover Photo.

There are many new features added in Orkut like

1. Integration with Google+ Profile.
2. New Google+ Toolbar on Orkut
3. Easy Search from any Orkut page.
4. Share on Google plus from your Orkut page.
5. Google+ notifications on Orkut.]

Link your Orkut account to your google Plus

Link your Orkut account to your google Plus

6. Importing Orkut album to Google+

How to link your Orkut account to Google+

Now, Google+ allow posting from other sites just like we used to post in facebook via twitter or any other sites like integration of Orkut and Google+.

Link your Orkut account to your google Plus Closed Permanently

Great Tips but Sad to inform that Google First Social Media Site has been officially closed on September 30, 2014. If you want to research about Orkut more, visit its wiki page.


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