How Can Link Building Dead

How Can Link Building Dead

I have been doing research on “Link Building Techniques”. There are many old and traditional techniques, people have been using and considered that the only safe consideration for “White Hat link building” was guest blogging. But it has been very confusing whether guest blogging is truly dead.

How Can Link Building Dead

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You might have read about Fall of Guest Blogging for SEO by Matt Cutts. In this post, I will have to share which link building techniques are ethical and which are non-ethical now as per updated SEO Strategies. I was reading MOZ and want to share something first, please have a look these parts of reading:

Learned from Link Auditing

Before talking about guest blogging, let me share what Marcela De Vivo has learnt from two years of diving into link audit as well as detailed competitive research. It was after the first Penguin hit on April 24 2012 that focuses were made by her in identifying patterns in penalized sites. She has been doing research on the sites which has been penalizing by Penguin.

It was noticed that people had a very clear footprints in their backlink profiles for those who were penalized. Later she tried to use some private tools which helped in allowing her to search for patterns within the backlink profile of a site. It included different links of these patterns on the C class or same IP address with similar or duplicate texts and links and that too with the same anchor text that linked with the words, “articles” in the URL and also two levels were removed from the link patterns. Have a look what exactly she said:


In the last 12 months, she has noticed the following common reasons for which most of the sites were penalized.

  • Too many links from general directories.
  • Use of high density money keywords in anchor text
  • Excessive links from  article marketing directories
  • Lot of Spam Guest Blog Site’s Links
  • Many Un-relevant dofollow and no follow links
  • Low or bad quality links which has not been crawled yet on google

By looking at their link profile, it is very easy to spot sites with unnatural links. With the help of the right tools, sites can be detected with unnatural link profiles and Google has got those important tools.

Guest Posts is dead – It will only work for quality and relevant sites

It was after the post on January 20 by Matt when several letters were received back from Google where it was found that links were cited to low quality guest posts. This made me shocked as it was for the very first time that I have seen this link type that was included in the denial letters. Matt said Google Web Spam Team has put such low quality guest post in un-natural lists.

The comments by Matt on his blog made a significant change. It appears that it has been instructed to the Google Web Spam team to include low quality guest posts related to unnatural links and they are penalizing sites which have such low quality links. Now let me understand between the and low quality and high quality guest post sites. It is still alive in 2017. We were talking about guest post dead in 2015 and again updating this blog in 2017 and still discussing about guest post. 

Finding the differentiation between high and low quality guest posting

In the backlink profiles, one can find several common elements of newly penalized sites and also in the examples of low quality guest blog:

  1. The sites have very less comments or shares including no social engagement.
  2. Sites that have been poorly designed for the sole purpose of selling advertising and hosting guest posts.
  3. There is no Authorship set up or they have got anonymous authors.
  4. Inclusion of money keywords found in the links in the guest blog.
  5. There are very less to no static pages.
  6. Absence of “About Us” page or address including endorsement.
  7. The quantity of guest posts links is too high in the profile.
  8. There are appearances of guest posts on sites that also sell sponsored posts and text links.
  9. Lack of footprints in the guest posts.
  10. The contents used in the guest posts are of low quality or very similar.

Concentrating on Scaling

When you try to look forward to do low quality or even large scale guest posting, you should try to concentrate on it. In other words, it is important to ensure that you spend some good time and attention if you really wish to identify the footprints of Google. It proves to be very expensive and difficult when it comes to scaling guest posting.

This is the reason why most of the companies try to search for the best way in making guest posting affordable and scalable. Therefore the most viable alternative is outsourcing where companies try to look forward to sites like Elance or Odesk or Fiverr in order to search for offshore companies that would help in scaling the content development portion through their campaign of link building. So, it is important to note that Spam content is not liked by Google at all.

How to Make the Best Use of Content Marketing?

I happened to be a writer before I was in online marketing and this made me love my work as I love to write. So, I believed that it was a move in the right direction with the steps taken by Google to curb spammy guest blog posts. But small businesses are hurt by it but at the same time it makes it possible to make the Internet a place where there is presence of good contents.

It is important to ensure that guest blogging is done in the best way with customized pitch letters thereby helping to cultivate relationships. Steps should be taken to make sure that the quality is impeccable with each piece well researched and to the point. It proves to be time consuming as well as expensive but there are no shortcuts to it. If you happen to take shortcuts, then it would come to vision of Google that might even land up in the penalty box. So, this would be a huge loss of your money and time.

Include High Quality Guest Posting in your Link Building Strategies

In order to generate visibility, authority and social signals, it is important to include high quality guest posting which is the most important part of a content marketing strategy as said in Link Building eBook. You need to make sure that you do not try to use money terms in anchor text and also steps should be taken to ensure that the links are natural including informative content. Also try to avoid using links in the author biography instead of the body. In that Link Building Book, it is clearly said that how will you create and earn links naturally to gain better search engine ranking, even Rand Fishkin has twitted about that book.

So if you really wish to stay in the game, then you need to make it simple by doing it in the right way. This would also help you to avoid the Guest Blogging apocalypse!!

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* How Can Link Building Dead


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