Learn About Computer Programming

Learn About Computer Programming

Here I am going to share my experience how i learned programming.

Programming is the base of the software development terminology. There are many programming language but everyone has own significance.


Basic of Computer Programming Knowledge


Learning of Programming

Various programming languages

Future Aspects

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Basic of Computer Programming knowledge

Programming is the concept you would know to develop any software. It can give you any software which you require. It has great importance. When we need software, Software may be needed when we want to edit any photos, creation of PDFs, account management, video edit etc.

You can understand better, suppose you want to make two cup of tea, what you should do, you just follow the steps starting from burning the gas stove to serving the tea, there are various steps in between them, like take a bowl and pour milk with tea leaves, sugar, boil the mixtures blah blah etc.

Computer programming is the same as making tea, when you required making tea, you follow some steps and enjoyed tea, and this is what the programming is. When you required making a software which edit the video, then you need programming language to make the particular software.


You must want to know about what career goals are there in programming. It is the most exiting career now a day. It is the very good field that opens various doors for computer graduates and IT graduates. If your ambition is to make softwares or you love technology since childhood, you are on the right track, if you are in higher secondary, you have to do software engineering, if you are pursuing a computer programming course, there are various field you can go from here, like software developer who develops softwares, software tester used to do testing and debugging, programmer includes coding the source code etc.

Programming is the very logical and dynamic field where very high standard task have been followed.  In this career you can start earning from minimal to more, in first level you can earn $30,000 and in medium level $45,000 and in higher level you can imagine how much you can earn. If you have guts to make the software own self, you can run your own software business too.

Learning of Programming

Computer programming is the complicated subjects, when i was new to learn this, i do not think about the logic, but you should know the first logic of the program. Every program has some logic; you need to create your program very simple and arranged way. In computer science, there are various programming language available and each has own significance, there are several languages available. You have to think in which language you are good, and just move on to catch those language, do not concentrate various languages, just learn about them, but do research in only one. Till you will be good programmer. You have to focus on only one. I will help you choose the language, if you want to make career in development of softwares, VB or C# can be used. If you want to make career in web development, asp.net, php or java can be used. If you want to make career in web designing, choose html, javascript, vb script etc. If you want to make careers in creating games, java is the best one. So, in this kind you can choose your programming language.

One thing you should know about learning programming, programming teacher can give you lectures and assignment, but it is up to you, how you complete your assignment.

Some tips on learning programming:

# Listen carefully the lectures of the teacher and ask the quick question where you cannot understand, people generally do not ask and when they sit at home to read, they find difficult to understand

# It requires logic, creativity and common sense, no one teach you programming completely, you have to learn very carefully.

# Do not pending your assignment, just complete them on time, try to run each and every program, and also try to make another program by self.

# Use reference books

# Try to keep update yourself from updated information in that particular language

Various programming languages

There are various programming languages available in the market like c#, VB, Java, PHP and all that, now you have to decide in which language you are interested for or you like, choose that particular one and start learning on that. Syntax of all programming language is different but logic is same. All languages has different platform to run, suppose C# runs in Microsoft .NET framework, Java runs in JVM environment etc.

When i was new to programming, There are various language have been taught to me like starting from C,C++, SQL, VB.net, C#.net, then ASP.NET etc, but i concentrated on some languages like C#.NET and ASP.NET.

Before going into any company, you should choose any one and be practiced too much on that then go to any interview.

Future Aspects for Programming

When i was learning programming, i also wanted to know about what is the future of this, i searched in Google and came to know that, there is vast demand of softwares in the country and India has been on boom in IT Softwares. Then i decided to learn programming. In this field, you can earn more from staring level to high. Your career can be growing as soon you want.

One of my Friends is in Java Programming; he has been earning fat money. Your knowledge should become your ATM.

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