My Last 2 Years SEO Experience and Learning

I have completed 25 Months in SEO at Veom Infotech as an SEO Head and would like to share with you the most important points of SEO which we should take care and should learn from those mistakes which we have done in those past months.

When I began working with company, it was a great pressure on me and coworker to rank keywords for clients, it was up to us to show results in terms of ranking and website traffic.

I started working in the projects and kept learning about SEO with a question ‘how to do SEO ethically’. How to increase traffic as well? I had been hired by team for content writing and SEO both, that time the importance of content was increasing and Google Panda and Penguin were rolling rapidly.

It was great pressure on me as well. I had started working under my senior(Mr. Kamal Shukla) and coworker(Pushpraj Rathour) who had great industry experience in SEO but we were helpless in front of upcoming Google Panda and Penguin.

We were losing projects because we could not able to rank websites any more due to Google Latest Updates. We had to update ourselves. We had studied a lot about Google Panda and Penguin and had a meeting with the team to make a new strategy for SEO. I always kept myself updated about any SEO updates. We had started working on the projects on the newest and updated strategies.

My Freelance career

I had joined a full time SEO Company to enhance my career in SEO, because I had experiences in blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Make Money Online at home and I had to gain SEO industry experience.

I have been working in this field for many years. In My Freelance career, I had learned the importance of blogging in the Google Panda Era. I used to read Amit Agarwal and Harsh Agarwal blogs to motivate myself. Subesh Gupta who has more than 10 years experience in SEO industry was also my teacher who thought me a lot to survive in this industry. He thought me ‘How to make Money at home‘. I will write more in separate post about my Freelance Experience.

About my 25 months of SEO at Veom Infotech, I have learned a lot in SEO, what works in SEO and what does not work and most importantly when to say ‘NO’ to any new client. I mean to say if you say yes in pressure, it can spoil your business and client relationship.

Try to make good relationship with happy clients. Learn to say ‘No’ to such client; which work you can not do in asked time. ‘NO’ word will keep you happy and give peace of mind.


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Can You rank Keywords in one Month?

If you do not know about Google Algorithm, you also can have this question seeing your competitor that “can you rank these keywords in one month or asap?” My competitor’s keywords are ranking in top 10, why not my keywords.

We faced such question and we had to answer very patiently. It was hard to let them understand about Google Algorithm, but We did that. We would not let them go, we have asked client to optimize site first to list on Search Engines correctly.

Why Veom Infotech?

If you are going to start SEO of your website and do not know ABC of SEO, you can consult to SEO team at Veom Infotech, they will guide you all about optimization of your website on search engines.

We always send report to client about the updates on the work, which is going on their site. We keep our client posted about their website. We always call client either on Skype or In-Person Meeting to discuss about their work and strategy. If you check review of Veom’s Services, you will come to know that how we update their client and provide support to 24X7.

Our Team 2014-2015

SEO Team 2015 at Veom Infotech

Interaction with BD Team and Make good relationship

When one of my senior members of my team has resigned, management had to decide to appoint new senior. They gave promotion to me to appoint me as an Senior SEO cum blogger to interact with BD Team.

Here, a big thing I learned that you have to give training to your BD Team members so that they can understand the Google Algorithm correctly. It will save your lot of time. BD Team in SEO Company should be well trained, because they interact with clients. You can give training regarding email marketing, cold calling, client interaction, dealing with sales and leads etc.

Is Quality Content is king?

It has been a long story of content, people were using duplicate content in their websites. But when time is passing and Google Panda Algorithm is getting fat, people have to make ensure that your website would not have such crap content. Your website can be penalized by Google Panda.

Google Panda can slap your website traffic. So be very care full about your website content and your content marketing campaign. I would like to share one more thing that you take care about content marketing campaign and try to check each and every content which your content marketer is using.

If you are from another country like USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Canada. You must have to check content which your SEO team is using in your SEO campaign and content Marketing Campaign.

It can be happened that the content is being used by your SEO Team and Content Marketing Team which is not up to the mark according to you. I suggest you to check content once and guide your SEO Team and writers for future references.

Some Learning in Content Marketing:

  • Content in Home page is needed to make home page relevant as per your services and products
  • Title of the Content should be catchy
  • Keywords density of your content should be good
  • Content should be informative and relevant
  • Content should have sub headings and bullets
  • Content should be readable not boring
  • Short Content is not good except news content
  • Content should be medium to long length
  • Content should have in proper grammar and no spelling and other mistakes
  • Content (Text, PDF, Image, Video, Audio, Documents etc) is the asset of your website, so please be very careful while posting on live website. Check and proofread many times before posting.
  • Content should be Google Hummingbird Algorithm Proof.

Learning in SEO

On page SEO Optimization

Title, Description Meta tags are still the ranking factors

Title should be Informative and descriptive

Alt Tag still matter

Internal linking can rank your keywords

Regular blog post increase your website indexing in search engines

Target longtail keywords for more ROI

Take care about canonical issues

Use Language code for optimizing language URLs of your website*

Optimize not only of your home page, but also all Internal URLs, Assets (Text, Images, Audio, Videos, Documents, PDFs etc)

Page Load Speed matters a lot to rank on Top Page of Google

Mobile Site(Matters a lot in 2015)*

Navigation matters a lot. Use Menu, right or left pane navigation

As per Google Pigeon Update, most important thing to optimize your website locally is setup landing pages with NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) and schema markup to list your website rich on Google.

Off Page SEO Optimization

Backlinks are still important for ranking factor

Earning Links are BEST than creating backlinks manually

Ethical Guest Posting in quality sites only

Geographical directory submissions in only quality sites

Local Promotion

Engaged with clients in terms of reviews and all that. Do not forget to take reviews from your clients

Make more Dofollow Backlinks of your website’s internal pages for good ranking

SMO Daily Basis, because in 2015, more and more SMO URLs will be ranked

Email Marketing reaches to more people than SMO, concentrate on list building.

Off-page Activities

Concentrate only on quality Content Marketing Campaigns (Text, Images, Audio, Video, Documents etc)

Social Shares

Earn Natural Links

Post content in Quality sites only

Updates in SEO 2015-2018

  1. Mobile Sites(Top Priority)
  2. AMP Pages
  3. Fast Loaded Websites
  4. Good, Creative, Quality and User oriented contents
  5. Fast Loading and well optimized Desktop Sites
  6. No Intentional link building, focus on blogging and earn link
  7. Focus on Video Contents, trending in 2018
  8. Optimize your website for voice search, do voice search optimization
  9. Knowledge Graph
  10. Rise of Youtube
  11. Rise of Mobile Apps

My Favourite Websites to Learn SEO


SEO Team Members

Harshit Agarwal, Megha Pandey, Susheel Tiwari, Sonam Saini, Mritunjay Singh, Anil Kumar, Harish Rawal, Arjun SinghShaheb E Alam, Jitendra Tiwari, Praveen kumar, Shahzad Rajput, Neelanshi Srivastava, Shaili Kaushik, Neha Pandey, Pankaj Atray

What are your experiences dealing with clients and SEO Team Management?

What strategies have you worked on? and it worked.

Tell me about your SEO Experience.


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