Do you know the Google Dance?

Do you know the Google Dance?

Here, you will know about Google Dance. This is the nature of Page rank, 40 times calculation need to be performed because there is large number of index. Its calculation takes many days to complete.

In the mean time, the search results fluctuate, sometimes minute-by-minute. This is why we say Google Dance to its fluctuations. This is usually during the last third of each month. Google fluctuates always the last third of each month.

google dance

Google Dance

As we know Google has two other servers that can be used for searching. The search results on those servers also change during the same time, and they are also the part of Google dance.

We say it Everflux, since Google fresh its crawl.

For your information

Google has two other searchable servers apart from


Most of the time, the results on all 3 servers are same, but during dance time, they are different. But after dancing, the results of all the servers are same.

Google Dance tool

It allows us to check rankings on all three servers and 9 datacenters simultaneously.

Most important thing you have to do for your page ranking, post useful and unique contents in your website regularly with helpful information.

Google robot will look at your sitemap to workout with your page rank.

Your site must have sitemap to increase your page rank.

Do you know the Google Dance?


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