iPhone with Personal Security Device

iPhone with Personal Security Device

Guys, why I am here to write about Personal Security Devices, in the recent few days before, you must remember about 16th December, what happens with that girl. This occurrence arise many questions about our systems and security of women in our society.

That is why, my heart is pushing me to write on this subject, I came to know various iPhone applications which will give you social security along in your iPhone. I recently knew about one iPhone latest accessory which can transform our phone to personal security device.

Yes friend, I am talking about US safety conscious US dad which has developed a product i.e iPhone called personal security weapon to meet Spraytect. They have developed an iPhone with pepper spray. Every girl go to college with their phone, the idea came from here and this type of phone has been developed. When you see back of the phone, there is a slot on the back of the phone in which hananero pepper has filled, when you feel insecure yourself, you can remove a pin and blast that pepper to the attacker or assailant’e eye.

For this kind, you can save yourself in the extreme area of teasing like colleges, tuition center, offices etc. This device can save you. But in some countries it it illegal to have such kind of personal security devices.

iPhone Applications for Personal Security

Guardly is the Personal Security Guard Application for your iPhone. This is actually an alert system which can alert and inform the group of people from your iPhone through the SMS when it feels any danger or insecurity. It automatically feel the danger.

You should install this application and set the contacts or group of people, you want to send SMS, when you are in danger. Visit the iPhone application center and search for the same application in your iPhone.

There are such personal security devices available in the market, from which you can save yourself. In many places, girls have been tought karate and all that to make them strong, so that they can fight with the current situation and save them self.

If you have something in your mind to add in the personal security of women, you can add comment.

* iPhone with Personal Security Device


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