Indian Train Running Status

How to Check Indian Train Running Status Live

It is very common in India to check the current running status of your train before leaving your home by which you are going to travel and enjoy your holidays. Sometime due to some weather or some more reasons, your train may be late for long hours. If you want to make your journey memorable and hassle free, you can check running status before travelling. It will enable you to save your time without wasting single seconds.

Check train running status

Check train running status

My Past Experience with Indian Railway

It is my own experience. I was going to my home town in winter season and due to extreme cold weather and fog, my train named ‘Poorva Express‘ was running late by 8 hours. It was not only with this train, all trains were late including Rajdhani Express. I am sorry to say that my train was scheduled at light before one day and in Indian Railway Official Website, it was showing on time.

I left my home with my family and went to railway station by booking private auto. But when I reached to the station and found the train got late by 8 hours. I was shocked to see the notice board. I slept in waiting room with my family and waited for 8 hours. I did not return back to my home due to late night. When I got up in the morning and again checked the status of the train and found 8 hours late again. I had no option except waiting on waiting room. So, this was my experience.

I just want to help people regarding this, so that you can check and make yourself updated when you are going to travel by Indian Railway and running status can be checked by National Train Enquiry System.

Guide to Check Indian Train Running Status

Step by Step Guide to check the live train running status

1. Go to this official website, you may be asked Captcha, when you will open website first time on your computer like following:

Indian railway running status captcha

Indian railway running status captcha

2. Enter the displayed Captcha and click on verify button

3. Now you will see the following screen on your computer

National train enquiry system home

National train enquiry system home

4. You have to enter your train name or train number

5. As soon you enter your train information, you will the drop down list, just select your journey station

6. Select Your journey date

7.  You will see the information based on your train number or train name in the following format

Train running status data

Train running status data

Hurrah, you have saved your lot of time to see this data in just a seconds. You can refresh this data to check the updated information. Indian railway used to update this data based on train running status. When you will click on view full running, you will see the status of your train in full details including all information like queried station, scheduled arrival time, scheduled departure time, actual time of arrival, delay, expected time of departure, distance from source station, expected platform. You will see green mark and blue mark to show the current station.

Hope this information will help lots of people to save their precious time. I will share one more Indian railway train running status app which will save your lots of time in travelling. Just install and save time.

How to Check Indian Train Running Status Live in New Website practical in video


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