Impact of Google+1 button on search engine ranking


Impact of Google+1 button on search engine ranking

Today I have raised a topic is Google +1 button impact with Facebook Like Button and Twitter Retweet button. What does it mean, if you are new to these, I would like to tell you that these are social media websites(Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc) and all have one common button which has same meaning whether we talk about Google +1 button, Facebook Like or share button or Twitter’s retweet button. I used to read many Internet Marketing blogs like Moz, search engine journal, search engine watch, matt cutts blogs, google blog etc to make myself update in my industry.

I was researching on Moz blog post on Google+1 impact on search engine ranking. I would not support this algorithm in which any single things like Google+1 or Facebook likes matters in search engine position. By the way, upon asked by Matt cutt, he has denied these things giving interview on Hacker News. According to him, Google Algorithm does not give importance to Google+1 button or Google+ interaction or Facebook likes for search engine ranking. But somebody says Matt cutt hide many things regarding these. But truth is that Social media is very important to get ranks well and popularization. Matt cutt also said that in 2011, Google algorithm used to support these to give search engine ranking. Dr. Peters concluded also said that Google+ interaction, Facebook likes are not directly related to ranking.

Matt cutt clearly said that if you write good and compelling content for your website it will automatically be shared, liked and people will link your post also. But it does not mean that your website rank well, there is no relation between it. If your content will be shared and liked more, you will get more popularity and your brand will promote also. He said also that do not chase and run towards getting more +1, but create good content.

Now it is clear like mirror that there is no correlation between both. Good content will always be king.

We have many benefits on Google plus like easily crawled and indexed,

As far as SEO is concern, Google plus post and Google +1 both are different meaning in terms of SEO. You will get link juice upon posting in Google plus. Both have different meaning.

What is the impact of Google+ by Matt Cutt


* Impact of Google+1 button on search engine ranking


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