Hummingbird Google Algorithm Update


Hummingbird Google Algorithm Update

I would like to share with the new Google algorithm in which testing had been running since long but nobody could detect it, now it is in the focus when Google officially launched it on 15th Google anniversary on 27th September 2013. It is not a small unit updates but it is a whole algorithm updates and named hummingbird. Whole SEO and internet world has been surprised, they are more wondered when get to know that the hummingbird algorithm has already been running for one month before.

Why named hummingbird, penguin, panda etc?

In this new Hummingbird Google Algorithm Update, they tried to make their knowledge graph better like conversational search. I was reading Google official blog and become very happy to know this updates that Google has stepped up in their goal of to make internet world more safe place. I was reminding the long term goal of Google. Let’s see that what web spam team of Google has said in their blog about hummingbird.

Now, people can search in better way, specially the, mobile, tab users can search by speaking, they will see better results than before.

“I am embedding the term what exactly they said:

You can pull up your phone and say to Google: “Tell me about Impressionist artists.” You’ll see who the artists are, and you can dive in to learn more about each of them and explore their most famous works.”

I was feeling since many days while searching in my tab in Google search engine, Google has been giving smart result since many days, I was in my mind that why this new Google result. Lastly I heard about hummingbird and get to understand about thus better result. We do not have to click away to know further. We get our answer in Google SERP only and with better answer. Google has made this hummingbird algorithm in this way that people will get better results in the SERP. You don’t need to click further.

I was right that Google has refreshed their mobile search engine result page (Mobile SERP) and showing different results in different style. I have seen in my tab when searched.

I think it is a good step, people want to get results instantly in mobile, and they do not want to click further. So it will be a good and success point for Google.

Look this statement

“Google will keep reinventing itself to give you all you need for a simple and intuitive experience. At some point, pulling out a Smartphone to do a search will feel as archaic as a dial-up modem.”Amit Singhal, SVP of Search

Search affected with hummingbird algorithm by Google.

You will be shocked to know that this new hummingbird algorithm will affect 90% searches. But no need to fear from it, if you have been doing good SEO, only need to take care about good content marketing with long tails keywords, I had already mentioned in my previous posts about the importance if content marketing with long tails.

Content is not king but good and relevant contents are king. So, all SEOs should only concentrate on creating good, relevant, quality contents with not exact keywords but with long tail search terms.

Why peoples are having fear from this new updates. No need to fear from it, Google has improved the search engine rankings of their SERP, just concentrate on your content marketing strategies and increase engagement, that’s all. You will rock. SEO is not dead yet. The only thing is that the style and manner of SEO has changed.

Google Hummingbird Algorithm highlights

Updated: 27th Sep 2013 on Google 15th Anniversary

‘Christy Belden, vice president of marketing and media at LEAP, agrees that Hummingbird’s focus on semantic search will continue to drive SEO in the right direction Belden confirmed her agency has not witnessed any changes to their client’s search results during the last month Hummingbird has been running. ‘

“We don’t anticipate making any dramatic changes in what we are doing,” said Belden,

“What we are talking about is how we create quality, engaging, and shareable, linkable content. It has become a core piece of our SEO strategy.”

Contents marketing according to hummingbird algorithm updates

No negative impact if you’ve been doing SEO right!”

Strategic changes

  • More focus on contents marketing and sharing with SMO profile of clients,
  • Create quality, engaging, share-able, link able content and evergreen articles.
  • Have to make authoritative with Google+
  • Engage more and more customers, followers
  • Working on Bounce rate of the website and pages
  • Local searches on mobile(local SEO)
  • More focus on Google+(Interaction with hash and tags) and its authorship

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