Hummingbird Content Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Hummingbird Content Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

As you know hummingbird algorithm came and it harms many company’s ranking. Many issues came like that. I was reading various articles and blogs on Hummingbird algorithm; many people commented their regarding their website ranking issues. Many of them lost their ranking. You know why they lost. They are only have intention quantity of links not quality links.

Hummingbird Content Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Hummingbird Content Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses


Hummingbird Content Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Google web spam head Matt Cutt had already said that if you get one quality links rather than 1000 bad or low level links, it will be good. In actual, Google hummingbird algorithm had been running for 30 days, but no one even MOZ could not detect it. Peoples are losing their website ranking for no reason that was mystery for them. But finally they got to know about the updates on 27th of September and one more penguin update. Now SEO has changed the working style we can say it has become simpler than before. Now everyone who has no knowledge of these things can do SEO I.e. promotion of their website. New things I mean various thing which was already running will be implemented very rapidly now. For example Google places, Google authorship, Google+, Google business reviews, Google carousel look, Google map, various content marketing ideas and many more things. Now people can do their site optimization own self, no need to hire anyone.

I am going to share some content marketing strategies which I have found in my research after hummingbird updates. Content marketing is all in all after the updating of Google hummingbird algorithm.

Some content marketing ideas

  • In depth articles
  • High quality, relevant contents and engaging contents
  • Extremely relevant and sharable, viral contents.
  • Contents should be written with long tails
  • Blog posting with good amount of words like 1500 to 2000 with many long tail variations.
  • Important for local language marketer, use good and local language while writing contents, not only to translate contents.
  • Help peoples from slide and videos create helpful presentation and videos.

These are some of the new ideas of content after hummingbird algorithm; I have already so e content marketing ideas in my last post. Please have a look.

I had a discussion with some of my junior executives, let’s see who, what say, here is the following discussion chat:

Content marketing discussion

Today question

Ravi Gupta(Me): What is high quality contents, how to write it? What is the significant of this content strategy in SEO?

Ravi Gupta: Please participate all: one best answer will be selected in the evening; I will give him/her one small gift today evening.

Everybody should participate, you can also give your opinion. Just give your views in the comment section.

Anu Khandelwal(Trainee): Content should be written in a form such that it can grab most of the visitors, hence specially the title and the starting paragraph should be as creative, innovative and unique as ot could be.. because most of the people only read out the initial paragraph of an article and if it sounds impressive then only they move ahead… also the information should be as precise as exact as possible coz no one has so much time to read out the long detailed matter… hence it is suggested now to use bullets instead of writing in a paragraph… and the most importantly the matter we write should be unique in the online world so that Google could identify it as a unique content… also using quotes, bold, italic fonts can be one of the solutions. To conclude, while writing it should be keep in mind that we are going to write it for today’s generation, so their style of thinking and perception should be keep in mind so that it looks trendy and interesting to them.

PANKAJ ATRAY(SEO Executive): quality contents means there is no duplicity. It should be unique.

Harshit Agarwal(SEO Executive): Content is the king of SEO, it should be unique and containing long tail keywords so as to increase your website ranking. Google now days give emphases on long tail keywords due to change in searching algorithm.

Neha Chaudhary(Trainee): content should have an attractive title as well as unique and as possible as long tail keywords and it should be precise and unique, and focuses on the main points by highlighting them.

Shaili Kaushik(SEO Executive): high quality content must be free from grammar errors and it should create acompelling content that is unique bcoz’s visitors around the web will be happy to link to your content writing only if it provides value.

Megha Goyal(SEO Executive): Quality contents are those which having the proper use of keyword so that during any search Google found the keyword in the content of the article. It must be unique without any grammatical and logical mistake. Content is supposed to be useful for the people so that you get the maximum visitors. Title of the any content is very important, it should have keyword with some other words like effective, cheap, best so that it grab the attention of the searchers easily. Content writing strategy basically promotes our keyword. A good content always found on the Google top. It improves the ranking of the keyword which finally shows our site on the top of the Google.

PANKAJ ATRAY(SEO Executive): quality content means there is no duplicity. It should be 80% unique. If your content is good then every visitor read this content and now traffic comes on your sites. Main word of content should be highlighted or bold. You use SEO plagiarism tool for content checking and content should be proper spell. If your content have duplicity then Google low your website page ranking.

Ashish Kakran(Sr. SEO Executive): Content is the most important part of any website. Before you even start writing content for your website, think about what your target audience wants. Obvious title starts with keywords. Content is optimized for search engines to determine it to be relevant to its topic. Content is easily understood by the people who read it. Try to write at least 500 words, use keyword phrases but avoid keyword stuffing. Break content pages up into paragraphs or bullet points. Do not underline keywords.

Ravi Gupta: I am going to announce the best answer

Ravi Gupta: Shaili Kaushik’s answer is the best one

A small gift: KIT KAT ANDROID for Shaili

Here you saw our discussion over Skype group in our company; there are various things we found in our discussion. Share your views.

* Hummingbird Content Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses


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