How you can optimize your website by yourself


How you can optimize your website by yourself

I just figured out that people want to get rank well but they do not know how to make their website or manage their existing website so that their website looks the most relevant website than others and do rank well.

There are many thing matters when you are designing your website. You have to design your website in view of SEO perspective, like following:

Optimize your website by yourself

Optimize your website by your own hand

Good website design with good structure

Keyword research

Meta tags

Site speed

Website navigation

GWT (Google webmaster tool)

GA(Google analytics)

Check any redirection errors and any other error pages

Content development

Make strategy of your online marketing campaigns

Google authorships

Local or geographical setting

Language setting

Parameters available in Google Analytics and Google webmaster

Many parameters available in Google Analytics and Google webmaster in which you can search keywords like under search queries in GWT; you will find many such keywords list in which you are getting traffic. You just make a list of those keywords and use the relevant keyword to monetize your website.

keyword from Google webmaster tool

keyword from Google webmaster tool

You can also find keywords in Google analytics under

Traffic Source>Sources>Search>Organic tab. You will have idea about the keywords in which you have to target.

keyword from Google webmaster tool

keyword from Google webmaster tool

If you have not added your website in GWT and GA, you will have to research keywords by Google keyword planner or any other keyword tool.

google keyword planner

google keyword planner

You can also visit your Google analytics under content tab-landing page, you will come to know about any particular pages which are getting traffic, pick those keywords in which getting traffic for that page and optimize that page with those picked keywords. It will help you a lot to get organic traffic.

google analytics content landing keyword

google analytics content landing keyword

When keyword research is done, just start optimizing your website with those keywords. You have to use keyword in the Meta tag intelligently so that Google could find your website more relevant than any others.

Now it is turn to create or optimize your existing content, whatever keywords you got from GWT and GA, you have to write contents in a way so that keywords would come in the title, h1, h2, image alt tag, within contents. Same would apply for editing existing contents.

Now you have monetized your website with good contents. Its turn to earn links naturally.

The following activity helps you in optimizing your website after its designing

1. Create a HTML (sitemap.html), Yahoo (ror.xml) and Google sitemap (sitemap.xml) and upload it to your root domain.

2. Submit your sitemap file in Google webmaster tool and Bing Webmaster tool and important Search Engine like Bing, Yahoo and Google, submitting website in thousands of search engine is useless effort, there is no effect on your website ranking.

3. Do not hire fake SEO Company by their fake SEO mail which would deceive you.

4. Start local SEO by submitting your website in Google places. You can ask your customer to give feedback about your services on Google places.  Build a local citation; it will help you to rank well in local search term.

5. One very important suggestion, add interesting content in your own website to get natural links, Google likes natural linking, it will improve your ranking too.

6. You can create your business related contents for Slideshare, Docstoc or Scribd, suppose you have documents, you can upload those documents in Scribd or Slideshare with good and relevant anchor text.

7. You can help people by making helpful and relative videos and it can be uploaded to video hosted website or in your own website as an asset, but while uploading, care to give video descriptions and anchor texts.

8. Submit your business in various business directories. Like Trade India, Indiamart.

9. Submit your website in good directories in good and depth directories.

10. Participate in various forums related to your business niche

11. Participate in guest blogging in your business niche.

12. Start own blogging in your niche and promote your brand name.

You have seen a very easy step to optimize your website by your own hand. Please share your opinion in comment section. You can read my previous related articles.

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