How to untag a photo on Facebook

How to untag a photo on Facebook

Tagging a friend is good to let them know about you and your activity, but sometime it gets weird when you start getting fed up from this tagging options. By default, friends can tag you in their pictures and posts, but you can change this privacy settings in your Facebook account. Friends uploads pictures which you can not delete it, but you can change your settings and remove that particular tag which you do not like in your timeline and wall.

How to untag yourself and change tag settings in your Facebook account

Why I am here to share this information with you, I was also fedup with one person which used to tag me in his pictures many times. I just got fed up. There is a short story of my friends too, she has lot of friends in her Facebook account and she has been tagged in her friend’s pictures and post and her timeline will be full in a seconds, so she start posting in her timeline that please do not tag me. Sometimes you can be tagged in bad pictures, so save yourself and change your tag settings now. You might have remind one news that bad comments takes one girl to the Jail. You know what! that girl should change her tag setting rather than posting message for friends.

How to untag yourself

1. Login into your account

2. Open the particular photos in which you want to remove tag

3. Click on options buttons and then report or remove tag option.

5. Click on I want to remove tag and click on continue button, Facebook will do some kind of survey with you that why you want to untag, give answer to make this community clear and safe.

How to change tag settings in your Facebook account

1. Login into your account

2. Go to Privacy settings

Timeline and tagging


3. Click Timeline and Tagging options, you will one dialog box asking many questions.

4. Answer that questions following

Timeline and Tagging settings


First setting : Friends: You never wanted that friend does not tag you

Second : Friends: You never wanted that friend can not see that pic, you are tagged in.

Third: Enable it, if you want to do review of the tagged picture, if you enable it, whenever you will be tagged by your friends, you will receive message to review and approve/disapprove it.

so so

Last one: Select No one, when you do not want suggested tagging.

5. Click done and save all settings

6. All is done

Now you are free, no body will post in your timeline tagging you, you have to review each and every tagging now.

Enjoy Tagging in Facebook, I know it is most helpful for them specially one of my friend who is fedup with tagging.

If you liked it, just share with your friends and let them know about this settings and make community clear and safe.

* How to untag a photo on Facebook


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