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Shorten your URL


People always asking to short their url, sometime you use any affiliate link and want to use in your website, if you shorten your url, it will be easily accessible and will not be broken.

Suppose you use any affiliate link just like this

and you want to use this in your website then you should short this URL like this

Why Shorting?

If you use the above link directly in your website, your link may be broken, suppose you missed a space or something else. Then you should short first and then use.

Tools for shorting

There are some tools available in the Internet world
1. Google Url Shortener

google URL shortner

Shorten your URL by Google

Steps to short in this tool

Write Google URL Shortner in the search engine > Click the url > now if you have logined, it will not ask for captcha, if you are not logined, it will ask for captcha, just paste the URL you want to short and click the button Shorten URL.

Here you can simply paste the URL you want to shorten and click the button Make TinyURL!







There are more tools available in the Internet. You can use.
I will show you, how to short your URL in my video.


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