How to Remove Weebly Footer(Powered by Weebly) for Free

How to Remove Weebly Footer for Free 2020 | Powered by Weebly Ads.

Today I will show you in this video, how to remove weebly footer easily, check out the below weebly tutorial video also, its simple way to remove powered by weebly footer advertisement or weebly ads.

Weebly is free blog, you can create your own blog and start earning from your blog. I will show you the tips to remove weebly footer for free.

Weebly provides many options for blogger when we subscribe for paid plan. It is very cheap, we can easily subscribe it.

Remove Weebly Footer
Remove Weebly Footer

By the way, Weebly ask you to subscribe the paid plan to remove footer ads section. But I search on youtube and learn this tips and came to know about a script which will remove the weebly footer(Powered by Weebly), I will share the same with you and will guide you to put code in header section.

Remove Weebly Footer
Remove Weebly Footer

Get rid of the Powered by Weebly Ads, you have to put the unique script.

  1. Open Weebly and Login to your account
  2. Open the blog in edit mode
  3. Go to settings
  4. Go to SEO section
  5. Under the Footer code section, you have to paste the following script:
document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
var element = document.getElementById("weebly-footer-signup-container-v3");
}, false);

6. Save and Publish

Now, you can open your weebly blog, weebly footer(Powered by Weebly)will not show now.

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