How to reduce the Alexa Ranking of your website

Reduce the Alexa Ranking of your website

Recently I was searching for ranking of my website and comparing with one of the good website, which domain age is same but which is more popular than me. I was just comparing the things, while doing, came to know about Alexa ranking to attract the customers, clients and affiliates.

Then I started searching to reduce Alexa Ranking of my website, first point I really been introduced that we have to install the Alexa ranking toolbar in our browser. I have installed and also installed Google Page Rank calculator. You also should install Alexa Ranking Toolbar.

There are many places I have read that Your Website traffic depends upon your Alexa Ranking. If you want to get good traffic, you also have to reduce your Alexa Ranking too.

Alexa Ranking and Traffic both depends upon each other. If traffic is good, Alexa ranking will be reducing. If having good Alexa Ranking, your website will be getting good traffic.

How Can I Improve Alexa Ranking

Then I came to know about creating account on Alexa and add your website details, add Alexa Rank widget to your website.

Create Backlinks

If you create more good backlinks of your website, you will get good Alexa rank. So start creating backlinks by writing articles with your website links in ArticleBase, Ezine Articles and GoArticles etc.

Review of your website

You can ask your friends, relatives, clients and customers to write review of your website on Alexa. If you also like my content, you can write review of my website. Write one for me. You can contact me to write your review too.

Try to get good amount of traffic, you can use SMO like Facebook, twitter, MySpace, StumbleUpon etc to get good traffic.

You have to write one blog in which you should put links to your alexa, if some one go to alexa website through your website, it will also work to reduce your rank.

Benefits of reduce Alexa Ranking

There are many benefits to reduce Alexa Ranking like you can get Good Paying Advertisers, CPA Networks, Joint Ventures etc on the basis of Low Alexa Ranking.

* Reduce the Alexa Ranking of your website


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