How to Promote your Facebook Fan Page Ethically


Promote your Facebook Fan Page Ethically

Promote your Facebook Fan Page Ethically

Every businessmen, writers, politicians or companies want to create their facebook fan page, why? Because Facebook in on boom in the internet world. Everyone love to use Facebook and somebody who is giving some services who wants to promote themselves here and so that their fan would be increased.

Why I am writing this, someone asked to how we can promote our Facebook Fan page and increase our FANS, I asked him, why you want to increase your fans like this methods, just you should start giving good and quality services, your fans would be increasing itself, you do not have to do anything, you just concentrate on your quality services and then see how quickly your fans would increase.

Promote your Facebook Fans Page Ethically

1. Start Running Facebook and Google Ads
2. Include Facebook Fan Page in your banners, headers, websites, business cards, posters, newsletters and magazines etc so that people would know about it
3. Keep posting needful things for your clients and customers always, it can increase your fans too
4. Use Facebook likebox widget in your website
5. Invite your friends and friends of friends to connect
6. Use your fan pages more and more for every activity like liking, picture uploading, tagging and commenting etc
7. Just furnish your page with good cover pages and profile image
8. Use Application, notes and Events

What you should not do to increase fans

1. Do not spam on postings lot of things and images on your fan page
2. Do not take any paid services like increasing facebook fans, many people give services and say that I will increase your facebook fans upto 50K in $100. This kind of stuff, you should never do. I want to tell you that Facebook used to check your fans regularly, if found any wrong with your fans, they would rollback and decrease your fake fans. So be alert
3. Do not tag your friends too much, use privacy in this matter, you can set the tag setting for your facebook fan page.

This is my opinion to promote facebook fan page, I say that when Facebook will delete the fake likes, then why you promote it unethically.

Promote your Facebook Fan Page Ethically


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