How to make Adsense eligible website

Make Adsense eligible website

How to make Adsense eligible website

How to make Adsense eligible website

Google has become the GOD for people who has been earning from Google. Google Adsense is all about good source of earning. It was very nice experience to use this tool to earn from the Internet. Google Adsense is the publisher program runs by Google in which you should have website or blog where the Google ads will be displayed according to your website or blog contents.

Now think that what is your property,at what basis you would apply for Google Adsense publisher account. If you also want to become publisher, then you firstly should have a good website or blog, to show the same website or blog, you could apply for publisher program.

Now the question is, from where we can have such website or blog, so that your application for publisher account would have approved and you would start earning form this advertising tool. It is nothing but an advertising tool in which you have to show ads randomly generated by Google JavaScript code.

When your application got approved, you have to extract code for ads from your Google Adsense account admin and put in your website, and when somebody see these ads online and click on it, you will earn something in cents or dollars reflected in your account.

Now you have to make your website or blog before applying to Google Adsense Publisher account.

There are some choice to create blog
1. Blogger
2. Google Website
3. Hubpages(Profit Share)
4. Weebly
5. WordPress etc

There are many blogging tool available online

Now there are some tips to make good blogs

1. Choose a niche or topic which is less competitive
2. Create blog
3. Choose Simple and Good looking design
4. Fast Navigation
5. Create Unique Posts not more than 2 in day
6. Do not use any script code in your blog like statcounter, RSS, like button etc
7. Do not give excessive keywords
8. Add aboutus page and privacy policy page supported Google Policy
9. Use your own images and youtube videos
10. Use sitemap and navigation tool

Apply for Google Adsense Tips

1. Your blog or website should have six months old according to location mostly India and China
2. Do not make mistake giving payee name
3. Match the payee name with your bank account name
4. Check your website or blog, it should have good natural or organic traffic
5. Check your website or blog content, it should have good and quality content and contains enough amount of text.
6. Minimum Age 18 years
7. Do not use any other ads program in your website or blog
8. Apply directly if you are applying from website, if blog, then use direct apply from blogger.
9. You can also apply from Google partner website i.e. youtube







Blog promotion tips

1. Social Bookmarking or share
2. Link your website or blog with good page rank website
3. Do not submit in any directory, Google robot does not like it.
4. Only focus on your visitors requirement, make your blog helpful.

One time investment and get account for life time.

Tested tips, it works.

* Make Adsense eligible website



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