How To Make 200 Dollars A Day

How To Make 200 Dollars A Day

Is it really possible to make 200 dollars in a week online? Yes, but you do require some skills. If you are looking for answers that involved filling forms, selling your blood or kidneys else selling stuff at home, this article not meant for you.

Ways To Make A Nice $200 On The Internet in a week

It’s for those serious enough to take the online market into their hands and make the best out of it. So, what kind of skills do you need to make 200 dollars fast.

How To Make 200 Dollars A Day

How To Make 200 Dollars A Day

How Can I Make 200 Dollars A Day Online?


The most lucrative job offer on the internet is teaching. There are many sites where you can sign up for teaching subjects online at You can teach for a particular age group and also give lessons on a specific section of the chosen subject.

Virtual Assistant

The second most attractive job that answers the question on how to earn 200 dollars in a day is that of virtual assistant. As a VA, you have to answer your client’s phone calls, make appointments, setup a website like, take ticket bookings, etc. All your activities will involve tasks that can be done from your location.

However, the key skill needed to be an efficient virtual assistant is good networking. You should be able to quickly connect with business professionals who can help complete assigned tasks quickly. Which can be anything ranging from setting up a mobile-friendly site, booking train tickets to finding information on a particular event in the city etc. You have to be quick in sending messages, photos, adverts and above all using social media and its various tools.

How to make 200 dollars fast With Writing 

The third most inviting job offer on the net today that shows an easy way to make 200 dollars fast per day is writing. Everyone from doctors to kids are writing something and posting articles either free or for a pay. Since you want to make serious money through writing, you must be good in telling a story, as this is what’s needed to make an impact on the audience. Sign up for high paying gigs in job boards offering freelance writing work like in Fiverr. When you show a work, the writing should speak for itself.

How to make 200 dollars in a week online Translation

Translation is a very attractive income earning work sphere.  We all would have learnt a smattering of a second language during our school days and now’s the time to polish it and put it to good use. Today, translation jobs are available for many languages as businesses are spreading their operations to various parts of the globe. Sharpen your second language skills and pass certifications quickly. You can opt for high paying translation gigs that fetch more than $200 per day.

Setup Facebook, Twitter and Manage

Help businesses setup a profile page on Facebook and Twitter and earn $200 per day fast.  Both these social media sites are highly popular, but the problem is that many people in your local business area have no clue on how to use them to advertise their business.

Setup a service that allows you to assist businesses in getting started with these two sites and using them as a means of promotion.  Before you get into it, learn how to use the site thoroughly. They are constantly adding new features and facilities for small businesses owners.

So get to know about them and how to use them. Once you have done this, you can start assisting people in creating a Facebook or Twitter profile and post images of their products here. You can also schedule adverts of the products etc… all for a nice fees.

Pay To Click Sites

Join Pay to Click sites and earn a good additional income per month. This is really the best answer to how to make 200 dollars a day, provided you are ready to spend some time on the net every day. There are many trusted Pay to Click sites where you can sign up.

You should view their ads and they will pay instantly for doing this. It’s best to sign up in five to six sites per month so that you can gain a neat $200 per day. Time spent per site should be ten minutes per day. The more sites you pay up, the more you have to spend time in viewing ads. Example of some trusted sites are Clixsense and BuxP.

Make 200 Dollars Fast to be a Youtuber

Make use of the most popular video sites on the internet like You Tube… to earn. Make a video tutorial of something that people will need to know, upload and monetize for earning. It can be about how to post an ad, how to stitch a dress, how to clean the carpet… but it should have a neat methodical presentation and it should offer something new that cannot be found on the internet.

Ask people to pay for viewing it. Keep the fees low so that people feel motivated to watch the video. Hope you got the answer of How to make 200 dollars a day? No wait, start earning part time money with your Job or Business. Hope You get the answer of ‘how to make 200 dollars in a week online’.


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