How to import and export MySQL databases of your website via PhpMyAdmin

Import and export MySQL databases

There are many such time come, when we transfer our website to another hosting account or want to create back of our website database or our portal database, We need to export our database daily for security matter and have to create backup. Sometimes, we need to export database import it somewhere else or modify it in excel format to create some kind of reports.

There are many such people who feel difficulty about databases of your website, guys it is too simple to manage your MySQL databases via PhpMyAdmin.

When you open your cpanel of your hosting account, you will directly see PhpMyAdmin Panel, if you are having Godaddy Account, here is the steps to open PhpMyAdmin panel.

How to open PhpMyAdmin in GoDaddy Hostings


1. Login to your godaddy account

2. Go to your account dashboard

3. Click on hosting and launch the hosting

4. Go to databases and select your database

5. You will see your all website with button setup and PhpMyAdmin

6. Just launch it from there for particular website

7. You will be asked username and password for particular website

8. Just put the username(database name) and password at the time of creation, if you could not find its password, just open wp-config file in smartFTP or online and check from there.

9. Now after login you will see your database dashboard for particular website, now you can create, import, export, edit, manage your database for that website.

How to import and export database via PhpMyAdmin

Export Steps:

export database via PhpMyAdmin

1. After login into your PhpMyAdmin, just select the particular database

2. After selecting you will see the details of all tables of your databases

3. If you want to create backup, i mean to say to export your database, just create on export button

4. After selecting export button, you will have many options to choose, like create particular table backup, backup format, there are many formats available like CSV, CSV for MS Excel, MS-Excel 2000, MS Word 2000, LaTex, Open Document Spreadsheet, PDF, SQL, XML, YAML etc.

5. Select your options ‘Save a file’ and give name of your file and click on Go button

6. As soon you will click on Go, your zip file will be downloaded

7. All is done, you have exported your database from your hosting account


Import Steps:

1. Follow first two steps of exporting

2. Now Click on Import button to upload your database file for your website

3. After clicking import button, you will see Choose File, just Choose file from your computer and click on Go Button.

4. After processing for some time, you will get message … queries executed successfully.

5. Done, Now your website will run like earlier.

There are sometime, we do not have database created, on that time, we have to create database first then import it.

How to create database in PhpMyAdmin

1. To create Database, you have to login into your godaddy account and go to hosting and then databases

2. You will have options to add database in your hosting account

3. Just click on Add Database and fill the required form

4. It will take some time to process, when created successfully, you will have to launch the database via PhpMyAdmin

5. Now you will have to import the old databases to new one.

6. Just follow the import steps now.

7. All is Done, Now your website will be run, still if your website do not run, you will have to change your DNS in Godaddy. Go to particular domain and change its DNS to godaddy. Now It will take sometime to change its DNS. Have patience and Enjoy.

Hope, this article is helpful for such people who is trying to search about importing and exporting database via PhpMyAdmin, Share with your friends, if you liked this.



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