How to get more traffic by Long Tail keywords


How to get more traffic by Long Tail keywords

You know you can increase your traffic by targeting your website in long tail keywords. By SEO you can increase the traffic itself. SEO in particular keywords are dead now, if you are targeting the particular and short keywords, may be you are on the wrong way. Because what do people search, we write some long tail search terms in the search engine to search anything? If we are targeting long tail keywords and monetize our website for long tail, we can get more traffic in comparison of targeting short tail keywords. In these terms, Google keyword planner, Uber Suggest, LSI Keyword tool etc can help us to choose such long tail keywords.

Monetize your website with long tail keywords

It is very easy to monetize your website with long tail keywords; we only have to use long tail keywords in our content, H1, H2, Image alt tag, title etc. So that anybody would search about that point, your website will rank in the top in comparison to that website that has targeted short tail keywords.

How to target your website in long tail keywords

I have read an article on Moz on pick up more long tail traffic, as they said, gone are the days, SEO is not SEO more, people are targeting more relevant keyword and long tail keyword for their website and they create specific page in their website to target by long tail keywords.

Now all algorithms has been changed, no more irrelevant sites will list in the search engine, only relevant sites will go on top and it is based on various criteria.

Still there are many sites which are not optimized yet that is why they are lagging behind in ranking.

Need of Good Content with long tail keywords

People have to choose good content strategy for their web contents, they need to have well monetized website. You have to write content using some long tail form of chosen keywords like follow:

Targeting and optimizing keywords are not sufficient, you need to point easy link to your landing pages to get more traffic by Long Tail keywords.

For ranking well you need the following:


Good keyword research

Good keyword planning

Good writing style

These are the basic things you need to take care while targeting long tail keywords. While you write content of your website, just target short and long tail mixed content, by this you will get more targeted traffic and natural links. We know that writing such contents will go for long.

If you want to target your website for any keywords, you have to research keywords whether it is short tail or long tails. For example

Short tail keywords

“Ecommerce Website”

Long tail keywords

“Ecommerce website designing services in India”

Targeting only short tail keywords may not give you much targeted traffic and you will leg behind in ranking in comparison to your competitor.  You have to use the combination of short and long tail keywords in your website content so that it become relevant too.

I was reading a book by David Viney get to know many new things which is very technical in terms of SEO and useful too.

Suppose, business cards is a keyword and full color business cards is the long form of that keyword, because people write long form of their searches. Generally search engine find longer form of the searched keywords, the longer phrase we use, it looks more relatives and relevant.

One practical example, I would like to share that one of my client from the USA only wanted to target competitive short tail keywords like ‘life insurance’, but after my suggestion if some long tail keywords, he started targeting those only. He spent a lot on those keywords but nothing gained. Finally he understands his business propositions and finally looks on some long tail keywords like ‘life insurance for seniors over 70 or 80’.

It is true that if you target long tail keywords will give you more visitors and good conversion in comparison of short tail and competitive keywords. It gets more force from that SEO book ‘get to the top of Google’ by David Viney it is clearly written there same thing who has keyword ‘ski chalet’, as soon he implemented some long tail keyword like ‘ski chalet child care’  and ‘ski chalet nursery’, his conversions are doubled and was getting more visitors than earlier.

Now it is clear that we should use more keywords in combination of one, two, three, four, five combination words in our optimization. For example:

One word: cards

Two words:  business cards

Three words: quality business cards

Four words: online business cards printing

Five words: online business cards printing services

You see, as long you use keyword, it’s getting more relevant depicting your business.

Note: Learning- always use pluralizes form of your keywords where you have to use. You will achieve higher ranking. You can only rank well if you follow your competitor and learn from them.

If you have 10 pages website, you should choose 35-40 one word and two words phrase and 60-75 three words and four words phrase and optimize your website using those words. Look in the video and know more about long tail keywords.

How Big is Your Long Tail? – Whiteboard Friday


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