How to find backlinks to your site linked by other websites


How to find backlinks to your site

Backlink is somewhat like vote, which any other person give to your site, if he create link of your website and put in their website, it is called backlinks and Google likes it, the more you have been voted the more you gain from google or any other search engine.

how to find backlinks to my website


You can check it in Google that who is linking to your web pages.

First of all open Google Page and write the syntax like that

  1. links:


now as soon you press enter the see the
results, you came to know about your backlinks of your website, sometime it is not relevant exactly, but you will get an idea about it.

To do so, you will be knowing about the backlinks of your website, if you do not want some links which have been put in particular website, you can write the website owner to remove that link.


This website will enable you to find your website’s backlinks including many filter options. Check the following snapshot.

Openlinkprofiler check backlinks

Openlinkprofiler check backlinks


This website also will fetch your backlinks with extra details like anchor text, follow/nofollow options.

4. Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster tool(GWT) gives you options to check backlinks of your site, you can check backlinks at your website dashboard. In dashboard area, go to ‘search traffic’ and ‘Link to Your Site’. You will be able to see the Total Links of your website. You can download all links also for further references.

Paid Tools to Check Backlinks

SEO Profiler

Screaming Frog



Open Site Explorer

Video Tutorial


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