How to Earn Money with Chitika Application Center

Earn Money with Chitika

You must to be happy to know about Chitika Application Center’s new applications from that you can earn more and more money from Chitika Ads program. You must be thinking that how? I will tell you how you can earn more revenue and what are the things you have to do for that.

Chitika is the very good advertising network like Google Adsense. It is the USA based company and give good revenue. In a earlier days, they used to give code for only Ads slot in our website. But it is good news for us that Chitika has launched their new Applications in their Application Center. The Following applications has been launched.

1. Chitika Highlighter – I have been happy to enable this Chitika Highlighter in my website, the very good experience, i am having with it. When some one try to copy the content of website or highlight the text, then the Chitika Ads will be displayed near by the highlighted text. The new ads will be displayed according to the highlighted keywords.

Chitika Highlighter

Chitika Highlighter

2. Chitika Hover – It is the other application by Chitika. When you open your website where you had placed Chitika code, you will see a hover window will be shown bottom right corner. This will increase the revenue of the publisher.

Chitika Hover

Chitika Hover

3. Chitika Link – This is the in-text ads format, it will choose the keywords in our website and create ads and hyperlink those keywords like Infolinks In-Text links.

4. Chitika Pages – This is just like interstitial ads in our website, when the visitors about to leave and when they click on any link in our website, then these ads will be displayed before directing those links destination. This will immediately improve our Chitika Revenue.

Note: First and second one have been launched, you have to enable this after reaching the Chitika Application Center, and third and fourth one are about to be launched.

When you go to your Chitika Application Center[]. There are four options you will see, you just have to enable those applications then see how your revenue will increase.

Note : Makes sure before enable these applications that you have already placed Chitika code in your website, till only you will be able to see these special Highlighter and hover ads.

* Earn Money with Chitika


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