How to Download Punjabi Fonts And Start Writing

How to Download Punjabi Fonts And Start Writing

Punjabi is language spoken basically in Punjab state in India and also in all over the country by 130 millions native people in all over the world. According to Wiki, it is the 9th most spoken language in the world in 2015. There are many other countries like USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Australia where Punjabi language is used by native speakers. It is the most widely used language in the India and all over the world.

In Bollywood movies, it is getting popular day by day and peoples are enjoying the Punjabi movies a lot. You must be heard that the most popular Granth Guru Granth Sahib use the Punjabi Language which was written in Gurmukhi and there are many fonts available in Punjabi which can be used like Ravvi, Gurbani, prabhkii etc.

Now a days, people wants to write in their own native language. Google has also introduced their search engines in many Indian Languages including Punjabi. I want to guide people who wants to write in Punjabi language using Microsoft Word, but could not able to perform in the right way.

Punjabi can be written using Microsoft word, but you should have the following fonts in your windows Operation System’s Fonts Folder. I will guide you completely.

raavi punjabi fonts in windows folder
raavi punjabi fonts in windows folder

For Downloading raavi font free and Installing the Punjabi Fonts, you have to follow the steps below:

1. Just go the C:/Windows/fonts folder and search the fonts named ravv.ttf, GurAkh_T.ttf, prabhkii.ttf, gurbaniwebthick.ttf, gurbaniakhar.ttf

2. If you found that punjabi fonts are already in that windows font folder, just go to seventh steps

3. If you found that punjabi fonts for pc are not available in that folder, you have to download punjabi fonts first, these are the following sources to download punjabi fonts:

4. If your download is completed, just unzip the files with extention .ttf and copy and paste the file in C:/Windows/fonts folder

5. You have completed the font installation steps

6. All is done now, now you can start writing in your microsoft office in punjabi

7. Open the Microsoft Word to write in raavi font

8. If you know that how to start writing in Punjabi with your keyboard, you can start typing from your keyboard.

raavi punjabi fonts in microsoft word
raavi punjabi fonts in microsoft word

9. If you do not know that how to start, you can go to insert and symbol, select font named raavi
and start inserting the punjabi characters, you can start writing with your name, check this.

Free download anmollipi punjabi font

If you want to download anmollipi punjabi font, you can also download it for your pc or mobile phones. You have to visit here and click on anmollipi punjabi font download button to download it. Now you have to apply the same in your pc. You can paste the font file in your windows font folder.

Punjabi ttf fonts free download

By this kind, you can start writing in Punjabi. Now a days, there are many apps in your phone which also supports native languages, you have to set the language or they can suggest when you will type.

Many Available Punjabi Fonts

1. Raavi
2. Gurbani
3. Gurmukhi Akhar
4. Sukhmani
5. Guruvedica
6. Bulara
7. Gubara

8. Anmollipi punjabi font

9. Punjabi ttf fonts free download

Available Operating System to use Punjabi Fonts

1. Mac(Macintosh Operating System)
2. Android Operating System
3. Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
4. Iphone
5. Linux and Unix
6. DOS

Software which can use Punjabi Fonts

1. Google, Mozilla, UC, Opera Browsers
2. Iphones
3. Windows Phones
4. Photoshop Software
5. Corel Draw Software
6. MS Word and related Softwares

I Hope, this article will guide you to write in Punjabi, i have also written on how to write in Hindi. Please share this article to needy people who are searching to write in Punjabi and Hindi.

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