How to create events in your facebook to invite your all friends into them

Create events in your Facebook

There are many such time came in our life when we have to organize events, which should be either big or small. But you think one thing that How it was good when we would create events and invite all the friends into it. Good News for you, there is a place online, in which you can create events for many celebrations like music concerts, painting ceremony, birthday celebrations, marriage event, parties etc and invite all the friends on that event.

Yes I am talking about the facebook event, in which you can create event and also invite your all facebook friends.

Steps to create Facebook Events

1. Login your account and go to

2. Press the Create Event button and fill the following form

Creating Facebook Event Form


3. You can select the privacy of your event there

4. Invite your friends

5. At last, click on create button, after processing, your event will be created where you can invite more friends

6. You can add pictures of your events page and post something there

Add picture in your facebook event page


Video Tutorial on Creating Facebook Events

* Create events in your Facebook


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