How software developer make money online

How software developer make money online

software developer make money online

I am a professional blogger working with my job too; I am a freelance content developer and SEO. I have researched some interesting facts on how software developer can earn money at home too with their job or without job also. What happens that student want to earn some part time money studying in their degree courses like B.Tech. Or MCA. They have wishes to earn some money so that they can help their parents.

Software developer make money online case study

According to me, they can earn some money studying in their courses or graduation or masters. I have done some research for them specifically and want to share with you. I know why you are here and reading my blog? Are you studying in software development course? Are you working somewhere as a software developer or consultant and want to earn some more money as a part time or full time? If your answer is yes! I will share some of my experience in this blog which would be very helpful for you.

Earning Options for Software Developer Make Money Online

Now, let’s come to the point! And discuss some of the interesting facts. Guys! I have some question in my mind? May I ask to you? Can you write on something you are interested for? If yes! You start writing on particular topic. You can choose platform like blogger, wordpress, weebly etc or you can purchase your own website with domain. There are some steps you have to follow, if you want to start earning money online. You should have some patience too.

Start writing and posting in your website or blog following webmaster policies and just share those articles with your fans in social media websites like Facebook, Google+ etc. when you complete your 10-15 posts, you can now eligible to apply for dollar income site like Google Adsense so that you can earn some money from your articles, now it is correct time for applying. Go to Adsense apply form and apply showing your website or blog.

There are many more Dollar Income Sites affiliates you can use like Infolinks, Vigink, kontera, Chitika etc to earn from your content. Now you got understand that how you can earn online at home.

Ideas for software developer to earn money part time

These were the basic ideas for earning. I will share more things to earn online. I know Fiverr where you can create your freelance services gigs and earn from that. They offer minimum $5 gigs. If your gigs will be sold, you will earn $5 minimum. This is another trick for software developer to provide freelance services at Fiverr and earn from that.

You can have to promote your website or blogs or gigs by some of the promotional techniques, which you have to learn called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I have my own group to provide SEO Learning to the beginners.

There are many ways available for software developer to work at home and earn money online. There are some websites which provide software development projects online where you have to bid on those projects in, oDesk, Elance, Guru etc. You can get many projects through these websites. You can work at your home and deliver those projects online. It is the great source to earn part time for software developer, programmer, designer etc.

I have one more thing in my mind that you can develop your own software products and list them to Avangate B-2-B website and sell them online. It is one of the good and loyal sources of earning for software developers.

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