How should be the website content for google ranking

Website content for Search Engine Ranking

website content for google ranking

website content for google ranking


Website content is just like gold, if your website is not designed well and it has contained good content, it would be the precious thing for you, because It will be liked by the Search Engines.

According to Digit Magazine

Content is still king, Nothing increases your search engine rankings like relevant, on-topic, in-context content. All the other factors your need to pay attention to will carry no weight if you do not have relevant content. Even if you have a poorly designed site, but with content that is useful to your visitors, search engines can be very forgiving and push you up the rankings, especially if a lot of others web sites links to your site referring to it as an authority in the specific area.

I would again tell you, now a day, you know one thing, a new Google algorithm come i.e. Google Penguin. If you are using copyright content in your website, you can be penalized by the search engines, you do not think that your site’s ranking will increase.

That is why i suggest the Website Owner to use the unique content, they hire the freelancing content writer or permanent writer for their websites.

There are many freelancers available in the market writing for your website.

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