Google shut off the keyword tool and replace with Adword keyword planner


Google shut off the keyword tool and replace with Adword keyword planner

I am available with good information on new updates in the field of SEO which was from Google side; we know that Google can not sit still till they would not finish spamming from the internet world. For your information I would like to say that Google has promised us to end the spamming completely and make our online world a safe place to surf and get good information. I would like to concentrate only the latest update made by Google which is being treated important in the field of SEO. Since long I could not write blog, so I have a lot of things to share with you. But in this post only about new update regarding Google Adword Keyword tool.

Google keyword tool shut off


I am an internet marketer and has been working for many years, when I started learning, my senior and trainer taught me how to research keyword (I will post soon) by Google keyword tool, that time it was simple to search keywords, you do not have to login to research keywords  for your website. But in recent changes Google has banned the user who has no Adword account; it means you could not able to research keyword without login to Adword account. It is compulsion for you to create Adword account. You know Google Adword in which they offer to give ads about your product and services.

Death of Google Keyword tool

Google has planned to completely shut off the keyword tool and going to replace it by Google Adword keywords planner, which will be free tool, but Adword login will be necessary to use this new keyword planner.

For your information, it has been announced by Google when they launched a new Keyword Planner; they said free keyword tool will be shut off in last week of august. So what do you think about these improvement, is it good for us or only for business profit. I will post separately that how you will use your new keyword research tool.

The following are the some more option to research keywords.

Bing keyword tool is also a good option, but login required.

SERP checker – gives results of your 3 competitor along some Keyword.

Keyword spy –, this is also a free tool to research lot of information with free tool. You will get lot of extra information along with keyword.

There are many improvement came in new keywords planner, I am just researching lot and will post in my next update.

* Google shut off the keyword tool and replace with Adword keyword planner


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